Sisterly Love

Honk! Honk!

"Get your ass down here Ash, you’re going to be late for school," Talya hollered up from the driveway below.

Ash looked at the clock, groaned and made her way to the open window. "I'm coming, be there in a second," she yelled back while mumbling, "Wouldn’t want you to get your panties in a wad or anything," under her breath.

Talya, Ashlan's prim and oh-so-proper older sister had recently been charged with driving Ash to and from school. It wasn't that either of them particularly minded the arrangement, but Talya had a nasty habit of being more than a little neurotic when it came to arriving on time, which had gotten the two of them into a number of brief arguments over the last few weeks.

Ash surveyed her room, a pair of black jeans lay neatly folded on top of her antique mahogany dresser, walking over she reached out, took hold and began to pour herself into them. Hoping up and down like some kind of deranged rabbit she made her way to the closet. The bi-fold doors slid open easily, revealing a neat row of various white, grey and black concert T's. With a quick yank she pulled Disturbed; her selection of the day from its hanger with such force that the hanger took leave of the rod and fell to the floor. "No time for that now," She thought, as she slammed the doors closed. She grabbed her hoodie from the back of the computer chair, socks from the top dresser drawer, and shouldered her much too heavy red and black plaid backpack before throwing open her bedroom door and swiftly making her way to the bottom of the stairs. She stopped in the foyer only long enough to take her boots in hand before leaving the house and hurriedly making her way to the car.

Talya sat in the driver’s seat shaking her head in dismay. "What?" Ash said “I told you I would be here in a second, I'm here aren't I?"

With that Talya gave a bit of a snort and began to brighten, "Toast?" she said.

Ash had busied herself with the seatbelt and turned to ask about the seemingly random comment when Talya crammed a slice of well buttered toast into her now open mouth.

"Breakfast," Talya said innocently, "Now eat up; we wouldn't want you going all hypoglycemic at school or anything."

Ash managed to mutter a quick and sarcastic "Thank you." Toast hanging from her mouth she attempted to finish dressing while Talya started the car and backed carefully out the drive.


Gwydion Dorset High rests only a few miles away from the Monnet household and is the epitome of what most of the students in Drexel, consider a typical high school. The school stands as a visual representation of the number of years that have passed, its architecture dating back to 2012, over forty years ago. As expected good old G.D.H. was named after some school board deemed qualified schmuck who's been dead for so long none of the students have a clue why he was important. The school houses a mere 843 students ranging in age from 14-19 and attending years 9, 10, 11 or 12. Gwydion can only be considered what it is, small. It is the only high school in Drexel, a town snuggled up in the midst of a valley surrounded by rolling hills and a beautiful backdrop of the Neandar Mountains. If a family stuck around long enough Gwydion would be their legacy; either their parents attended or they and their children would.


Talya slowly pulled the car around the drop off loop as Ashlan gathered her belongings and prepared to exit her father's newly restored black Friesian 700 LX. "Bye honey, have a good day," Talya said in her best high pitched imitation of a mom voice.

Both girls laughed as Ashlan gave the door handle a tug and retorted with a similarly sarcastic "Bye Mom," before shutting it behind her. Ash stood for a moment taking in the scene as the familiar car carrying her sister gradually made its way around the corner and out of sight. The cold grey stone of Gwydion Dorset loomed down at her with its dark empty windows as the first bell rang. Only ten minutes left to make it to her locker and get to class, "Better hurry," Ashlan thought to herself.

The End

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