Ashlan Monnet The Dreamer

What's going on at Gwydion Dorset High? Student Ashlan Valenteen Monett knows she is different from other kids her age, but she doesn't know how different until she nears her 18th birthday.

Ash slumbers alone, the sun shining through the window urging her to wake from her peaceful sleep. As her eyes flutter open, she feels the cool of the room and takes notice of the sensation of sheets covering her nearly naked body. Days like this make a girl want to spend the entire day lazing about in a dreamy haze. She closes her eyes again and stretches out across the bed, hesitating for a few moments before turning onto her stomach. The dream still fresh in her mind she must put it to paper before it is lost for all eternity.

As she immerses herself in the depths of her own mind she recalls how it all started. She remembers being dressed in a blue cotton T-shirt, white jean shorts and running shoes. Her wavy brown hair pulled up into pigtails reminiscent of a schoolgirl. She was walking on a narrow timber planked path through a heavily wooded area, smiling to herself and taking in the sweet smell of fragrant flowers caught up in the mountain air. Content with the solitude, she had continued down the path until reaching an isolated spring. It was a bright summer day and the exertion of her walk had made her somewhat warm. She’d decided upon seeing no one else around that she would take a short swim before continuing on her way.

Hastily leaving all her clothes on the embankment she waded into the water. It was quite cold and her body instantly responded to the numbing temperature. Moving steadily deeper her firm breasts finally find their way into the water, nipples tingling and erect. However unexpectedly she heard someone coming toward her and she moved off to a more camouflaged location. As he came into view she became nervous that she would be seen but chose to peer up through the vegetation to get a better look at him.

It soon became apparent that he had a similar idea. As he removed his shirt she is left with the perplexing question of if she should make herself known or remain hidden. She looked upon his tall slender form with interest and watched mesmerized by the ripples of his chest and piercing blue eyes. But when he slipped off his blue jeans, her sharp intake of breath nearly gave her away. She had thought she’d seen a smile cross his lips but calmed herself by assuming she must have imagined it. He dove into the water and emerged mere feet from where she stood.

Knowing she was caught she blushed and turned to make her escape but he reached out to her. His touch intrigued her and as she looked up at him she lost herself in his eyes. The two stood observing one another, a moment trapped in time, filled with undeniable longing. Not a word was spoken between them, as he leaned in to kiss her. And then... Nothing...

Ash sighed, why did she always have to wake up right when her dreams decided to make their way to the good part?

The End

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