The Empire State

     Have you ever been to New York? If your answer is no, then you won't understand what I'm talking about. To me, New York City is the greatest city in the world- then again, I grew up here as a fourth generation Italian- American, and don't travel much. But maybe you do understand what I'm talking about. New York City has this air about it, as if anything is possible. It has glitz and glamour, but it also has culture. A people. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and before you ask, yes, I do have the accent. So do my parents and 4 brothers. So do my grandparents. I knew from the time I was 5 that I wanted to be a fireman. The red fire trucks had an allure, the helmet authority. I had found my calling.

     So now that you know a little about me, I'll get back to the story. For those of you who haven't already guessed it, this is a love story. So there, I gave you a disclaimer and if you want to stop here, then go ahead.... Okay, so I'm assuming that those of you who are left are interested in what I have to say, and I'm also assuming that the majority of you reading this now are female. That's just fine, I love women. I suppose you're wondering why I'm telling you this, so I'm gonna give it to you straight: I need your help. But before I can go any further, I have to tell you the story. I'll go back to a little before I saw her that night, when we got the call at the station-- fire, apartment building in Queens...

The End

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