Ashes to Ashes

A story of angels and demons focusing on whether or not two totally opposite forces could ever come to co-exist peacefully, or maybe even love one another.

I didn't know why I couldn't bring myself to kill him. This demon, the beast who had unmercifully killed thousands of other angels, did not deserve to live! And yet, all I could do was stand over him, knife shaking in my hand, while he stared up at me with those cold, black eyes. He was already severely injured, his left arm cut clean off by one of the angels he had confronted just before I reached him. He was ready for death, a merciful sentence for a defeated demon, and yet I couldn't give him even that.

Even stranger than my behaviour was his. We were completely alone, and I was obviously hesitant to kill him, and yet he did not rise and fight again. Was he so ready for death that he had already completely given up?

The demon looked up at me, his eyes full of what I swear was guilt. "Go on," he said, "Kill me."


The angel character right now is named Nela, and the demon is name Antin. The demon is (obviously) a humanoid creature. Feel free to add/change anything you like in future chapters.

The End

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