The Face of Leaves

Moonlight filtered through the darkened leaves over head in the empty forest life, casting its ghastly shadows on the ground below, covered with dead leaves and branches. The leaves shifted causing the shadows to look like they were moving, in a silent dance, stalking it's prey, never to be seen until it was too late. And the prey laid cold and unmoving on the forest floor, to be consumed by that which hunted it. Yet the shadows only stalked, played tricks with the minds who entered the forest. Driving them to become supisious and cause their own dimies. The perfect killing weapon.... Ones mind.

Everything fell silent across the dark nightland forest. The wind picked up again, blowing down some leaves that hung limply in the trees, flowing downwards onto the forest floor, to be one with the millions already resting there....decomposing, becoming rotten to be never alive again. One leaf floated downwards in the now howling wind to rest ontop of a dark red blanket ontop a whitened bolder, caught on a branch above to make it look like it was a flag of blood.

A single girl stood next to the withering blanket, looking up into the branches crowed above, a frown set upon her snow white face, chewing her dark red lips. Long red wavy hair fell down to her hips, threads of gold intertwined within the hair, blowing softly in the wind, to wrap around her like a coat. She wore a simple white dress that hugged her body closly, as if afraid of what was out there, the bottem lay in shreds with red stains at the tips, she wore simple sandals that looked like they were meant for a stroll down the golden beaches. Her skin shone under the moonlight, shifting shadows on her face from the leaves above, looking like wave upon wave of shadows, ever shifting in the night.

A cold wind swept through the trees again, disturbing the girls hair and dress, so that the flapped widly around her body and sending chills down the girls spin. Her hair flapped and looked as if it was fire as the wind blew it in all directions. The girl turned around to the trees that lay behind her, deep blue eyes regarded, the now quiet, forest behind her, seemingly searching for something or someone out there in the black forest. A slow mist seeped into the clearing, swirling at the girls ankles.
She sighed and crouched down, with her arm crossed around her knees, her sleeves road up to her elbows trailing in the mud. Her lower lip quivered, as she put her head on her knees, bright red hair fell masking her face.

'You cannot hide girl.'

She jumped up, not caring that her dress ripped further, and looked around the forest, her eyes glistering on the verg of tears. The wind picked up again and the mist seeped further inside the clearing, now up to the girls knees when she stood near the boulder. The wind seemed to whisper in her ear in a voice that turned her blood to ice,

'Your time is upon you,'

She shivered again, her eyes becoming over filled with tears, streaming down her perfect face, causing her face to puff up and her eyes to turn a sore red. She fled through the forest, seeming to fly from point to point, her dress caught on the branches of the passing trees which seemed to grab at her. tearing her dress more. Some of the branches caught her, yet she did not notice the searing pain from those cuts as she ran harder within the forest. Red hair streaming in her wake, golden strands flying loosly too be caught and ripped by the surrounding trees.

'You cannot hide, you must awaken'

The leaves shifted above again, casting the sadows on the ground to look like they were following the girl. She stopped, for she was back in the clearing, her dark red blanket still there, but ripped to shreds, as if by a wild animal. Something above stirred, she looked up again seeking that which pursued her in the nightmarish night, yet she found nothing.
She crouched down, drawing her knees up again, hugging herself tightly, tears flowing freely down her face, leaving trails of moisture on her face, the tears dripped onto her shredded dress, leaving stains upon the silky material.

'Leave me alone please' she whispered quietly, barely stopping her voice shaking from the tears, she tried to lift her head but stopped a noise stirred above.

'Why girl? Why should we leave you be?'

The girl jumped up taking a step back. Her foot caught a root of a tree on the outskirts of the clearing , the trees seemed to have moved closer to stop any means of escape, she fell letting out a yelp, a branch stuck her forehead, drawing a pool of blood to drip down the side of her face, everything blurred for a minuet. She looked up. Above a face loomed out of the trees, a face of leaves the same as those surrounding it, yet it had eyes with dark red puiples.

'Why?' A smile played across the face of leaves, moving the leaves on it's face, to cause a sound of rustling leaves

'Please........ Please' The girl sobbed, trying to back further away, yet all she found was the rough bark of the tree, it branches looking as if they would grab her is she rose, she pushed her self against the bark not caring that the roughness toar open the skin on her arms and hands, tearing the back of the dress to make it hang loosly now.

The face of leave seemed to consider this, moving a leave covered hand to it face in an expression of pondering. It jumped down in front of the girl, it's whole body made of leaves, it wore leather trousers and lighter leaves covered it toros as if they were a top. It took her chin in its leaf  hands, crunching as it tilted the girls head up and looked into her eyes, a smile playing across its leaf lips. She flinched from the touch of the rotting leave on her skin, feeling as if her soul had been dirtied from just that touch, she felt it clinging to her. The smell of decaying leaves flowed to her nose causing her stomach to retract.

'Please? Ha, who do you think we are?' The face sneered, opening it's mouth into a grin.

The girl gasped, the face's teeth were covered in blood that glistened under the shadowed moon, its breath stank of rotting flesh left in the sun to be torn at by the carrion eaters.

It leaned down, still smiling and whispered into the girls ear, leaves brushing against the girls face,

'It is time for those to pay. Your time to be awoken, awaken girl. Awaken and serve your purpose.'

The girl screamed, a pain convulsed in her body, causing her to lose control of movement in her body as she twitched against the tree. Her skin burned with thousands of needels, she felt as if she was on fire which tore through her whole body, burning her nerves, tears ran down her face in great tides. The leaf face let go of her chin and she fell to the ground, sobbing, face down against the woodland floor, the mist crept away, seeming to leave as if it's work was done.

The face of leaves melted back into the forest, it face blending with those still leaves of the trees, they too seemed to move back to the origional places, no loger restricting the girl. The girl lay there sobbing on the dirty floor, dried blood layed clotted in her hair. Before it went it whisperd, it's voice sounding throughout the whole forest so that the girl had no idea where it came from.

'Awaken Lara'ke and serve your purpose'


The forest was still again, shifting leafs caused the moonlight to dance across the forest floor once more, no longer stalking its prey, but in its dance for the night of the moon. Alone, crying, the girl just lay there not moving as the night slipped deeper.

The End

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