Ashes of Death

A castle stood upon the hill, night fell. The moon rose to show a ghastly sight below, as the city beneath the castles' feet cast an illuminant light, from the fires burning. Blackened smoke rose, shrouded the moon. A scream pierced the night, then another. Soon the black sky was filled with the song of death. The wooden guard doors swung open and a black horse raced pass, a single figure hung on the back, white dress streaming behind her. Red hair blown back, with glints of red. The only figure moving in this night of death. All fell silent, apart from the crackling flames, as they worked their way to the heavens, licking the moon with it scorching tonge. Clouds gathered over head, rain began to fall. Slowly at first then faster and faster, until the ravaged flames died. All that was left was a smouldering black city, buildings collapsed and streets strewed with the blackened lumps. Farther away the horse had stopped, the sleek figure on it's back, staring at the city of the dead. As single tear fell, glistening down her cheek, leaving a stain on her dress. She turned and fled, vowing to avenge those she held dear.

Crying....Screaming, echoed throughout the desolate browing stones of the halls within the castle. Tapestries hanging upon the walls, once bright with colour and grand with tales, now hung in teatherd shreads. Colours seem to bleed off, tales being unwound, never to be sung or heard again. Still the corridors were still painted in red, glistering off the walls, dark, and metalic rust smell rose upwards, caught between the stones. The screaming was only a small wimper, as it dawned upon those left that nothing would live. The once grand castle, now bowed upon the feet of it's silent attacker. The walls seemed to bend away from the unseen foe, the light leaked away, sinking further within it's self and the colours blead away. Leaving the cold grey stone, as the only comfort. Wine glasses scattered on the floor, the drink forgoten and leaking through the cracks, mirrors fallen cracked to show millions of images. The floor strewn with diamonds, glitering in the fleeing light.
Steel upon steel rang out through the corridor, and a cry moments later, with the clatter of a sword. Screaming began again and the the Castle fell silent, the screams stopped, the castle seemed to be almost peaceful......

Footsteps rebounded off the corridors' walls, crunching on the broken glass beneath, sword scraping against the stone, breaking the almost peaceful silence. A slow humming could be heard throughout the hall, no louder then the footsteps or scraping of the sword but painful all the same. A voice started in a soft tone,

'And from the Ashes of Death'

The shreadded tapestry stirred aginst the walls, loose ends flying free, as if an unseen force of wind had been stirresby someone or something waltzing past. Haunting the halls painted in red, glistenring under the shallow light, waiting to see if there were any left alive and take them as it's prey. The humming continued....

'He shall rise, the one true ruler'

The shallow candle lights along the corridor flickered, dimming even more. One by one they went out, one after the other, . As if the unseen being put them out as they walked past. Glass still lay on the floor, the contents of the forgotten drinks now merging with the blood that painted the walls seeping within the tinest cracks. A sword lay, snapped in two in the middle of the blade, the sign of defeat.... the showing of sadness now hanging over the very castle, which was thought to be safe.... happy. Nothing stirred, no wind, no sound of children laughing. Only the humming and the useen being walking past.

'And he shall lay his hand upon the chosen.....who must fall'

The shreadded tapestries upon the wall burst into flames. The fire licking the walls, leaving brun marks upon the hardened stone. Flames reflected in the millions of peices of glass, and cast gashtly shadows upon the walls of the castle. Taking the stories and pride of those upon those tapestries forever more, to die with the turning to ashes. And upon the hand of the useen being the castle was enveloped in silence and darkness, black smoke rising to cover the moon with it's poisonous clouds, the night lighted with the light of the burning city. Never to hear laughter within it's halls ever again.

Time had no meaning to the deserted Castle, that now lay with a ruined city below it dominion, but over time the horror of that night was lost in simple story telling to scare troublesome children that would not go to sleep in the night. But the castle still stood there, even if covered in dust and overgrown with vegitation, which was crawling up it's walls and hiding the gardens with the thorns of the weeds, it still stood there. The once grand castle still stood but crumbling in solitary confindment, no living soul resided inside it's boudaries.

The End

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