The Desolate World

A woman crouched behind a pile of smoking wood, the smoke at first had almost suffocated her but now she was used to the thick dense gas which lingered in her lungs. She watched as a man killed a last surviving wildebeest, she thirsted for something to wet her parched throat, she almost approached him, but she didn’t. He remained there for a long time, drying the meat out, the woman’s stomach yearned for food and as the light faded behind the thick ash clouds he moved on. The woman scavenged the last of the meat off the mammal and then she stood up and followed. This man was the only human she had seen since the fires, her footsteps were light as she caught up with him, his large footprints in the ash stirred as he took each step.  She wondered where he was going, there was little to eat anywhere on this deserted island but she knew that if there was a place with oxygen, water and food she would be in heaven.

The wind picked up and blew ash into her face and she coughed, the man stopped and his muscles tensed, he slowly turned round to see the woman in front of him. She had olive skin and long brown hair; she was beautiful in an individual way. She blushed and watched as he approached her, he held out his hand, a sign of peace. The girl took his hand and checked for herself that he was not a ghost,
“You are alive too?” he asked,
“I escaped the fires,” she said simply. He began to walk away from her, she followed, they reach the top of the hill and looked over at the deceased town in the valley.
“This was my home,” he said sadly, the woman touched his shoulder in comfort; the smoke was thicker here as it coated the valley like a blanket. “Do you want to go down?” he asked. His voice was raw and deep, the woman nodded and they descended down the charred hill into the burning pits of the lifeless town.

The End

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