A creature flew over the world. A world of ash and smoke that drove itself into every surface, the smell of ash infusing itself with every living thing. The smell of a world as it decays. The remains of homes passed below it, most just a heap of ash, a few still had glowing embers under the rubble.

The creature soared on wings black as night, avoiding the smoke where it billowed from the remains of the world. The smoke would rise and rise, meeting the air currents and blowing away as  more rose to take its place. There was a faint glow through the black clouds, all that remained of what was once daylight, giving just enough brightness so you could see the silhouettes of creatures moving across the valley, either looking for a blade of grass that had been sparred a fiery demise or the odd predator here or there looking for prey with any meat left on its bones.

The creature plummeted towards the ground, towards one smoldering heap in a close cluster. The downdraft blew some of the ash away, but it was still thick over every indiscernible object. Objects that, once, meant a great deal to somebody, but were now nothing but the charred shell of what used to have been.

The winged figure dropped to the ground as it folded its wings behind itself. With a gentle touch, the creature pulled a small trinket from the ash and blew what soot they could off of it. The creature turned its gaze to the sky as it draped the necklace over its head.

The creature let out a howl of fury before taking once more to the air, every stroke of its velvet wings scattering the ash in the air.

The End

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