As Tragic as it Seems...

Life is beautiful.

Wait, let me fix that;

My life is beautiful.

In that beauty, however,

Lies tragedy.

Define tragedy;

Noun; an event causing great suffering.

How can something beautiful,

Be tragic?

The answer is simple;

My beauty lacks tragedy.

I can write forever about how pained I am,

How much I long for things I'll never grasp,

But it's in vain.

I step away from my laptop and my life is everything I need.

That's tragic.

I need something debilitating to fuel my fire,

Something dark to give me a reason to be more mysterious,

Less beautiful,

More surreal.

My sadness cannot be justified by society,

Simply because I am a middle-class white female,

Who is innocently beautiful,

Who is a little more than intelligent,

Who has both parents and then some.

My sadness cannot be ascertained,

Simply because I smile every day,

And I laugh every hour,

And I have more than enough friends.

So life,

Lend me a tragedy,

So finally I can be sad,

Or pissed off,

and Society

          Will Finally

                    Justify it. 

The End

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