Of Temptation

"Are you sure you're alright?"

Sam draws in a huff, blowing back her loosened bangs as she looks on her sister entering the room, inquiring yet again her concern for her beloved twin. Darker shades of blue flutter close as Jenna slip in beside Sam, her pale back pressed up against the window. As a shiver rolls down her spine from the cold, she catches Sams avoiding gaze with lazily opening eyes. 

"For the last time, I'm fine! Tch, stop worrying so much-- your hair will fall out."

"It will not! And I am perfectly fine worrying like this. You are my sister, Sammy... I-I am going to worry whether you like it or not." She said, raising her eyebrows as a softness overthrows her words. Sam smiles weakly, inclining her head forward to press up against the naked shoulder. 

"I know..."

"Then tell me what's wrong." 

It was tempting. A temptation that was not foreign one bit; Sam has had these dreams, these strange occurrences since she was thirteen. Jenna knew about the frightening images, of the familiar strangers, almost everything, yet Jenna also didn't know much. Jenna judged, despite their closeness and even if she attempted to avoid such blasphemy from being elicited from her twin's mouth, it was inevitable. And for that, she hated it. So much so that it was the only thing the two nearly argued about-- this caused Sam's uncertainty. 

A shake of the head. A reassuring smile. "I'm fine. It's nothing. The storm is just really scaring me."

A frown came across perfect lips. "The storm? Is it really that scary?" Jenna glances out the window at the suffocating darkness enveloping nearly everything out doors. The winds shake, the rain pounds, thunder rolls in and continues to do so. "How long were you even out there for?"

"A while. I think I might of caught a cold!" 

"Silly girl; you're going to use that as an excuse to skip school again, aren't you?" Jenna chuckles, gently pushing away her sister's head so that she could caress a cold cheek. Unbeknownst to Jenna, a fear strikes Sam, the fingers only reminding her too much so of that odd yet alluring man from before.

"--you're nothing but a mere breakable human."

"Y-Yeah, you've caught me."

"I knew it!" Jenna laughs, shaking her head at her. With a giggle she pushes off against the window pane and begins to skip towards the door once more. "I'll just tell Mom you're too sick; we were going to go out for dinner but since you're 'sick'~."

Sam nods, a smile breaking apart. "Thank you!"

Jenna returns the smile breathtakingly. "Any time, Sammy." She closes the door, against the lingering words, against the emotions finally contorting Sam's face into shame and worriment. 

"Don't go."

● ● ●

An hour or so later the flickering of lights isn't a good sign for Sam. She sits curled up on her bed, a fetal position of sorts, with her head resting tiredly against a pillow. The comforting shadows disappear and with that the room suddenly turns into a light black. Sitting up, Sam glances around. There was no reason for her to be scared- she was perfectly safe inside her house! Doors locked and everything. Yet, with no lights Sam becomes frightened. Her breathing picks up, fighting against the deathly silence. For moments she sits there, cradling herself in her own arms against the possible dangers outside in the world just waiting for her. Seconds pass. Minutes-- There was a noise.

It was of a booming type, easily sucked up within the storm but unique enough Sam can determine the differences. 

A second boom, more close by. It's inching itself closer, eating away the distance between Sam and her window across the room. For minutes once more there is nothing but disliked silences, or was it seconds? Sam is no longer keeping track. Fear has eaten away her common sense. Her gorgeous eyes are seemingly glued to the window. She hesitates.


The window slams open, the storm invading in. A warm scream bubbles up, no time to escape as a figure falls in, landing gracefully in the center of the room. Sam, who has gone back into her position of comfort, fearfully peaks out from underneath her arm. Her breath is taken by the mere beauty and licking danger this thing, this creature possesses. 

Interlocks of entangling perfect curls fall down past supple hips, ripped and dirtied tights knocked together by two fragile knees. A short, ruffled skirt falls to a curved waist as the rest of the dress clings tightly to the bosom. Her eyes open up-- a frightening red. Sam gradually pulls herself together, stumbling out of her bed and into the space of the Angel. 

Satisfied with the now slow space between them, the Angel's lips curl up into a disturbing smirk. A long, slender finger is lifted, curling inwards, making a 'come here' sign. Sam's face falls from its awed state, confusion taking place. The Angel nearly snickers. 

"Sam Todesco, come to me. Come to die." 

This was no Angel. This was a Devil. A servant of the Darkness, a maid to all of those evil. She obliges to her Master's calls, she does what she is told, a selfish little thing that wants only attention. Her Master requests for Sam's death?

They shall have it. 

The End

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