Mocking Rain

In a whirlwind of the storm, stuck in the middle of the cautious winds and slamming rain sits Sam. Her breath hitches, her cheeks becoming flushed as she continues to gawk at the man. She watches nervously as he crouches down in front of her, already towering over her frail body even on his knees. His eyes are gray, hard, yet pooling with a sort of liquidness that Sam fears she could seemingly fall into and drown in. His dark ebony hair falls onto his face, his jaw strong and clenched whilst his lips form into a tight frown. Together, they sit there staring at each other for thick moments; the only noise coming forth is the unyielding storm. Whimpering, Sam gives up and tries to stand up.

In a flash, the stranger grabs onto her wrist with a clutching grip and tugs, making her fall back onto his bruised kneecaps in a light thud against the pavement. Sam audibly calls out, wincing as the cold fingers sinks into her skin. Blinking at the unfamiliar sound, the man chooses to loosen his grip somewhat, not wanting to injury the girl. He had been sent to watch over her, yet already he had made the most elementary of mistakes and choices; meeting the girl. Touching her. He could very well be punished for this, yet what has been done has been done. There isn`t much he could do now.

Standing up, the man sighs under his breath, the warmth of it hitting Sam`s face as she is pulled up as well. She looks on as the man finally frees her wrist, wiggling his fingers somewhat at her before turning on his heel and beginning to walk away. Her voice suddenly comes to her and she calls out in a broken tone.

“W-Wait, please!”

He stops, flinching almost at her voice. Swirling back around the man gives Sam a cocky look, raising his eyebrows in question. She hesitates, fidgeting somewhat as she looks down onto his hands, her words trembling against the storm.

“I-I feel like I know you!” Is what she said, not entirely true yet not exactly lying; her dreams always come to her at night, clutching and trapping her within her mind. Sam see`s things, terrible things and people. Everyone she sees is not friends. Not acquaintances. Strangers, yet familiar all the while. They appear to her like lightning, gone just as quick as they had appeared.

The man is quiet for a moment before striding over, hastily closing the distance between them. Sam freezes out of fear, biting down onto her lip as she waits. The man quirks his head to the side, his eyes burning into her as emotions pass through them; anger, sadness, helplessness and determination. He flickers over her body as if he is searching for something, more like someone. With slow actions he lifts his hands up once more towards Sam. However, this time he does not violently grip onto her, forcing her and invading her. Instead, he cups her face gently and inclines it up so that she`s staring right into his placid eyes.  He waits another second before taking a breath and speaking.

“…There is a Light I am seeking, poppet.” He starts out, a slight accent clouding over his words. “And within this light happens to be Darkness; its shadow against the world. I must find this Light, capture it, save it, and hide it away…”

“Are you intending to…help people?” Sam asks unsurely. Unbelievably, the man chuckles and shakes his head.

“No. I am not.”

“T-Then what-“ the man stops her, holding up his hand and expressing an annoyed look. Sam shuts up, sinking into herself and averting his gaze for a minute.

“…To believe that you could possible have acquired such power is beyond
me.” He mutters quietly, making Sam strain to hear him. He pushes away, scoffing as he turns away from her. “No one such as yourself could manage such reasonability, or greatness; you`re nothing but a mere, breakable human.” He called out over his shoulder, a meek laugh spilling from his lips, drenched in mockery as the strange man finally disappears within the fog.


The End

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