Losing Ground

 The cool morning sky soars above the restless crowd of high school students as they shuffle through the dew wet campus fields. Among these children is a single girl, standing between the chaoses of conversations and echoing footsteps. She's staring up at this sky, watching light clouds emerge through the everlasting blue. Her mind if blank, her face expressionless. She is transfixed by the beauty and the wonder that the sky holds yet today it feels different. Almost like she holds a fear on her person, a fear from the sky she has loved all her life. The thought plagues her, entangles itself
within her. Sam feels her lip quiver from that feeling .


The girl blinks a couple of times before turning her gaze to her twin, Jenna.

“Jenna? What is it?”

“Are you okay? You look sort of...out of it.” Inquires the worried older sister. A gentle breeze tugs at Sam's hair, forcing her to push the wild strands behind her ear. Sam down-casts her gaze, a gnawing worry annoyingly bringing itself back to her within seconds. “The dreams, they haven`t stopped and I`m scared!” Is what Sam wanted to say.  Instead, she smiles reassuringly to her twin and shakes her head.

“Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for asking.”

 The two sisters walk side by side each other, talking about themselves as the new day slowly brings itself awake, to the shining sun and the welcoming warmth it may bring.

● ● ● 

The bell rings its obnoxious tune, signalling the beginning of lunch. The slamming of lockers and the complaints of the bored students fills these hallways. Somewhere in this entire bustle of freedom is Sam. She's rustling through her locker, trying to find the petite brown bag her mother prepared for her in the early hours of dawn. During so, she catches herself in her locker mirror and smiles a bit at the reflection.

Her plain old strawberry blond hair slings down from her shoulders to the small of her back. The creamy complexion of her skin stands out from the bland gray of the lockers around her. Her dark blue irises shine with excitement, as if she's hiding something of a secret from everyone else. Yet, to call herself beautiful felt awkward for Sam. Almost foreign like.  Deep in her heart, she believes her older twin, Jenna, holds much greater beauty than herself. The envy over whelms her, as she's tired from all her mixed emotions towards her sister. With that, Sam slams the locker close, giving up on the scavenge for food and walks away to catch up with her friends.

● ● ●

 Near the end of school, a mere few droplets of rain collide with the cold earthy ground. Many more come, as thunder rumbles through the air. Sam runs out of the school, clutching her books to her chest. She hurries through the crowd of people and takes shelter underneath a nearby tree.

 “Damn.” She whispers to herself as her eyes graze over her surroundings. Her breath materializes in front of her as the cold seeps into her skin. Shivering, Sam takes out her cell and taps in her sister’s number. She waits, listening to the too familiar ring back her sister’s company uses. After a couple of seconds Jenna picks up.


“Jenna, it's me.”

 “Hey, where are you? Mom's getting worried, you know.” Sam sighs, and leans back against the treesrough bark, feeling the comfort of Jenna's voice settles down her uneasiness as she peers cautiously up at the sky from underneath the tree`s branches. It causes her to shiver and she flinches away from it uncharacteristically

“I know, I know... Tell her I'll be home soon. I'm just waiting for this storm to pass.”

“Okay, I'll tell mom.” As Jenna conforms this, her voice begins to waver and disconnect.

 “Jenna?!” The twin calls out to the other. Soon, all Sam can hear is static. She shuts off her phone and looks up to the sky.

 The once calming blue has now become a malicious black. Thunder threatens the left over humans standing unarmed to its roar. Sam's nervousness comes back however she decides to ignore it. With a little courage, she makes a break for it. The wind whips her hair in her eyes, as the frigid rain slams into her bare arms. The thick fog is confusing the girl, making her sense of direction unknown. A terrible déjà vu rushes over her and Sam screams. Finally, exhausted from all the running
after several minutes of it, Sam falls to her knees trying to collect her

When she looks up, she meets the eyes of an unknown being, one whose eyes shine with strong sense of determination and darkness.

The End

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