As The Sky Falls

A bow of the moon shines against the velvety darkness high in the sky, casting such a brilliant silver guidance down on the ground below. A girl with curious, sickeningly sweet blue eyes stumbles amongst the darkness, her voice lodged in her throat, dying to break free. She gasps, climbing further up the mountain as her naked feet burn with resentment and her lungs beg her to stop. With a sort of ignorance that is almost laughable, she pushes on.

The girl’s breath carries itself visible in the frigid air, her heart beat melting and thick in her ears. She nears the edge of the cliff, moving seemingly closer and closer towards the dying azure. With a heavy breath, she stops.

She flickers her gaze against the lightening colours, the regrettable stars and the clouds making their way through the sky. The girl is looking for something; anything. That little bit of light she knows she can find, as always. It sprinkles and dribbles; it falls and cascades against the early dawn. It’s life. It’s a sign. The girl is determined to find it once more, like on many occasions. An unknown beauty that has captivated the girl is several ways.

Time shuffles about, gradually soaring over the moon and making the night disappear. Eagerly stepping forward, the girl clutches onto her chest and waits.

And as the moon finally falls against the raising sun and its perpetual rays, the twinkle appears. Almost mocking, it lingers in the air, making the girl nearly jump forward as she caught its sight. It’s short lived, but its there.

Closing her eyes she cradles the image in her memory, a sigh pooling forth from her parted lips. And as the girl re-opens her eyes in hope of seeing more star-dust, she awakes to a wind and the abrupt feeling of falling.

She falls through the sky, through the clouds and the atmosphere, nearing earth at a heart stopping speed. As she does, the twinkle follows, and catches her, enveloping her into a cold embrace as her vision looses itself.


The End

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