The Great BattlegroundMature

The car was parked along side a forest. We all got out, and to our dismay, it was still as cold as it was back in New Jersey.

"Fuck" Mike said,

"Man up" said Julia, the only girl in our little army.

Almost immideitly after stepping outside, another car pulled over and the driver asked us if we were okay.

I held up a gun, and she nodded and drove away. We all armed up and looked at each other.

"Y'all ready?" Jim said.

"Hell yeah" said Ray, probably the quietest of the group.

We walked through the forest. With each step, we heard more and more gun shots. Mike suggested we begin crawling.

"No point. We're gonna die out here anyway." remarked Julia.

"Maybe if we crawl, we can produce heat" said Kyle

"Not worth it. We will walk, and if we're lucky, we'll get to the feilds, and die faster." Julia said.

We continued walking. Soon we heard the high powered firing of a machine gun. We all looked at our shitty little rifles and than at each other.

"We're close" said Ray.

He was right. In the farthest distance of the forest, you could see a tiny glimmer of opening.

"Shit, someones there! Get down!" exclaimed Kyle.

The forest floor was covered in snow. All six of us were freezing.

"Hes not looking, move slowly" I said

We all slowly inched towards him. Every once in a while he would turn around and look. But see nothing.

"Mikey, you've got the best gun for distances. You think you can take him out?" Julia said

"What if hes friendly?" said Jim

"No ones an ally in this war." Ray quietly said, almost to himself.

"Well, we need all the help we can get" Kyle said.

'I'll do it." I said

Everyone was caught off guard.

"What do you mean?" Julia said, confused.

"I'll see if he wants to help us out. It looks like he has a machine gun, he could really help us" I said, hesitantly.

Without listening to anyone else. I stood up and said hey, in the most friendly voice possible. He turned around and aimed his gun into the forest, not knowing where I was.

"Who the fuck is there?" No-name screamed.

"Hey! Buddy! I'm friendly! I'm friendly!" I replied, dropping my gun into the snow.

"Stop fucking walking! Don't move!" No-Named continued to scream.

"Joe! Get over here! We have a stray!" No-Name apparently has a friend.

Joe walked up from behind and said "Strays have no place on the Battlegrounds. Kill him"



The End

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