The Barren WastelandMature

The ride to The Great Battle grounds was almost silent.

We probably should be revising a strategy.

We didn't

"Where is it again?" I asked my friend, Tom.

"Its a place called Hawn, Nebraska. Never heard of if. Here take the map" Tom replied as he threw the map at me.

"Christ. I recon we've gotten about 5 hours left" I said.

Everyone moaned. Not only were there 9 of us, we were all crammed in a 4 seater car. Needless to say, none of us were happy.

"You have any music?" My friend Jim asked.

I laughed in his face, and handed him my cd case.

"Pick one"  I said.

He picked out some crappy 80's clasical rock band. I don't even remember buying that CD.

"Who is this?" I asked Jim.

"I dunno. The CD said 'Rock On' in sharpie. Im guessing somebody burned it"

The music sucked, but it was good enough for us.

We took turns driving untill we reached Hawns, Nebraska.

One last chance to rest before we all die.

The End

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