Frozen Glass Only ShattersMature

A rock breaks a window when its not -13 degrees out.

"Here, use this." my friend Mike said while handing me a sledge hammer.

I pick it up and slam it against the window. The alarm goes off. No one cares. The police stopped answering calls. They are virtually non-existent. The government is fallen. You could call America nothing more than a mass of dirt.

As we climb in the window, most of us get cut by the jagged edges of glass still stuck in the frame. We get inside the store and begin taking everything we see.

Call it stealing. We call it surviving.


We take all the weapons available. Most of which were handguns and rifles. We take all the ammo available. We ransack the store and leave, as quickly as we arrived.

We were prepared to go to where the only food was left. The land formerly known as the great plains. There is word that there is an abandoned underground shelter with tons of food, water, and essential supplies in it.

We were ready to travel to The Great Plains.


But now, most people call it the The Great Battleground.



The End

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