The next victimMature

The supermarket is the best place. You can tell an awful lot about a person from their shopping if you know what to look for. She looked happy enough, but I knew different. I knew she was downtrodden and belittled every day by a violent man. I had been watching her for several weeks. Every day she was beaten, abused and violated. Until today. Today would be different. Today would be my day to vindicate her. Today she would enjoy his torture.

I took them both easily. I chloroformed her and beat him until he was senseless. He deserved it.

I made sure she was awake before I began cutting him. Her eyes widened in mixed terror and a sadistic glee as I put my knife to his eyelid. She hated this man, and was apparently equally fascinated and disgusted by his live dissection. There was an evil glint in her eyes. She couldn’t hide it. I saw it as I began, but soon I was lost in my work.

He screamed, he begged, he wept. She just watched. A slight smile played across her delicate face every now and then when I cut him in a way that caused him new pain. Eventually I tired of him.

And now it was my turn to smile. I was covered in gore. We smiled at each other over the mess that used to be her husband. I moved closer to her and ran the back of my knife up her thigh. Her eyes half closed and she gave a shivery sigh.

My blade cut into her inner elbow without her even noticing. I kissed her. Deeply. I pushed my tongue into her mouth even as I put another cut in her arm. Finally she noticed that she was bleeding. Pulling away from me she stared at the blood streaming down her arm dumbly for a moment. Then I saw realisation dawn.

The horror in her voice was beautiful to hear when she realised that she was a participant and not just a spectator. By the end she was begging to a god I knew she didn’t believe in to end her pain. I was her god. I didn’t let her go easy into the darkness. She has to be one of my favourite kills yet. I suppose it was her greedy need to see him killed set against her own pleading end that made it so sweet.

The End

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