As it was, so it shall be.Mature

The first cut is the deepest they say. It is a lie. My first cut is whisper deep. But i am sure she feels it. She tries to scream but it is cut off by the mouthfull of rag and the packing tape. As if anyone would hear her here anyway.

"Save your breath honey." I don't even realise i have spoken untill she opens her eyes and stops making muffled noises. Ah well, mayhap i will cause some comfort in this hour of need. "breathe deep and even. This will take a long time and you will need every breath.

The first cut was along the line between her breasts. I don't know the medical terminology. I went all the way to her belly button. It was a tiny cut. There was hardly any blood.

Looking at it i remembered exactlly how thin our skin is. People think of themselves as a whole entity. I know that this line of thinking is untrue. People are lots of little parts glued together.

It is done... she is gone and i am finished. From first cut to last breath took me about six hours, but now it is done. All I have to do is bag her. Shouldn't take long as she is in lots of small peices. Maybe an hour. Then i'll have to get rid of her discretly. Again... that shouldn't be hard. I have done it before and will continue to do it untill they catch me. I know what i am and enjoy what I do. Come catch me if you can.

The End

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