As It StandsMature

"We're not right for each other any more." I didn't change...did I?

"We're not right for each other any more," Greg said to me with a sympathetic smile.  It was odd; as he was doing that at the same time as pulling on his boxers.  "Last night was..."

I looked up at him and pulled the comforter further over my chest, but it didn't provide the warm, fuzzy comfort that it was supposed to...instead, his cologne rose up to greet my nose, and I was colder inside than I had ever been.  

"Well, I guess even last night I knew...I mean, admit it." He sat on my bed and put his hand on my shoulder.  "That wasn't by best, by far."

True, true...but...well...

"What do you mean, we're not right for each other any more?  I didn't change..."

"But I did, Aly," he told me, holding my gaze intensely.  "I changed, and...we're not right.  We never were.  I've moved on, girl." He stood up and faced me, trying to smile.  "It's time you should, too."

Moved on?    

The End

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