A New Friend?

As soon as I was fully upright, I tried to turn away and walk out of the shop, but I couldn't really go anywhere, because the stranger still had hold of my hand.

I squirmed my fingers trying to get free of his grasp and get the hell out of this personal hell, but he had a fist of iron, and it wouldn't relent.

I sighed, and eventually glanced up at his face. When he had my full attention, he loosened his grip a fraction so that my fingers wouldn't completely die.

"Hi. I'm Oscar. But everybody calls me Oz. May I know the name of my attacker?" he said jokingly.

I paused, unsure of whether I wanted to tell him my name or not, as the circumstances were a bit awkward. Well, if my reputation has gone to pot, then I might as well do it thoroughly...

"Hi. I'm Jayne. I really didn't mean to attack you. I thought you were-"

I was cut of by my idiot brother yelling at me from across the shop.

"Dammit Jayne! Why are you such a cow? You always ditch me when you know we have to share the car and......wait. Who the hell is this guy?" he demanded whilst in mid-rant.

"None of your business, Jason. I ditched you for a reason, you know. Kindly bugger off before I really hurt you!"

I had momentarily forgotten that Oz was there, so his intervention was a complete surprise to me.

"Hey there. I'm Oz. By the way, Jason is it? I think you really should leave her alone, because she really could cause you some damage." he said in a serious tone, but there was a faint hint of humour in his eyes.

Jason stood there and looked confused, until he regained composure, glared at Oz, then at me before storming back out into the cold.

I smiled in satisfaction at the victory over Jason before turning back to Oz.

"Thanks for that. He has been bugging me all day. Stupid boy."

"Yeah. Some boys are idiots. Well, I've got to run, but it was nice meeting you. Later, 'Legs'."

And with that he walked away leaving me with the debris of passing events at my converse clad feet.


The End

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