Why Me?

He reeled backwards and tripped over a pile of clothes hangers that lay on the floor.

If the situation hadn't been so strange, I would have pointed and laughed. Instead of a pleasant bubble of humour, all I felt was intense embarrassment and guilt, for unleashing my anger on an innocent bystander.

"Oh My God! I am so sorry! I thought you were Jason, and well, you're obviously not him, and , now....you....the floor....sorry!"

I hurried over to help the poor guy that still lay in a heap on the floor. He was shaking.

"Oh dear. I have made a grown man cry. Awkward.." I thought, cringing internally.

As I got closer, he started to get up, and I realised that he was...laughing?

Not a wimp then. Just a derranged soul that finds his own physical pain a source of amusement.

I cautiously ambled over, and slowly offered my hand so as to help him up.

He glanced up at me and this just brought on a new wave of laughter.

I guess he doesn't need my help then.....

I hastily retreated so that I could maintain some dignity. Alas! As I turned round, I fell over a neighbouring pile of hangers that I seemed to have failed to notice previously.

I lay there on the scratchy carpet of the floor, wishing that a trap door would just let me fall down where I could recover from the trauma of this embarrassing chain of events. Knowing my luck, it was better to brave and endure the shame, as a trap door could end up ripping me to pieces or something crazy like that.

I got up and the top of my head collided with that damn man's chin. I think the blame of all this chaos goes to him....

Once again i was reunited with the floor, except this time said man was crushing my legs.

"Gahh! Get of my legs fool! I don't think i can sue the shop on claims of breaking both legs on a pile of hangers so budge before you end up buying me a new pair!"

He let out a small laugh of disbelief.

"I owe you a pair of legs? What about my face? That's going to cost you a pretty penny to fix, you know. Anyway, you were the one who made the first move, if you know what I mean."

He staggered into a standing position, and gingerly offered me a hand up.

I grudgingly took it, trying to convey peace. If peace was not conveyed, then my face was going to pay for it.

The End

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