As Is Life..

The unfortunate and embarrassing events that happen to the best of us.


His yelp of pain could be heard from the other end of the street, I'm sure. I chuckled to myself as I lowered my book laiden hands that had just come into contact with his head. And quite hard at that.

He spun around to face me, attempting to glare as he cradled his injured head.

"What?" I asked him in mock innocence " You get what you deserve, so next time you had better think twice before swiping my money when I'm not looking!"

I turned on my heel and walked into the closest shop I could find, leaving him standing in the street like the idiot he was. Brothers can be so annoying at times. It's a wonder that I put up with him at all.

I pushed open the heavy glass door of the shop and I felt a rush of warm air swirl around me. Thank goodness for central heating, is all I can say. For the past 6 months we had been experiencing a biting winter, and this was supposed to be our summer break. It was a bit unfair if you ask me. I had been waiting for the hot summer that the weather man had promised ever since the start of the school year, but as usual, luck was never on my side; so a miraculous cold front from the North pole had blown in, and we had all been cursed with shiny red noses and frostbite instead of glowing tans and clear skies as far as the eye could see.

I dawdled around the shop trailing my hands along the soft fabrics of the clothes, as i drifted off into my own little world. I wasn't in my happy place for long though, as something hard rammed me from the side, causing my knees to give way.

I looked up from the ground to find an angry looking elderly lady, gripping a metal trolley. She glared down at me as though her poor excuse for trolley steering was somehow my fault. 

'Some people' I thought as she exaggerated her movements and made a huge deal out of moving around my crumpled form.

" A 'sorry' wouln't go amiss you know " I yelled after her, as I picked myself up off the floor and straightened out my clothes.

I tried not to stomp in anger as I carried on walking through the shop, but I could feel the pent up anger bubbling up inside. I wouldn't want to be the next person to speak to me right now, if you get my meaning.

Poor guy could never have seen it coming. I didn't see it coming to be quite honest.

I heard a male voice trying to get my attention, so I thought 'Oh great, there is Jason, my idiot brother'. I whirled round and let fly a mean right hook.

My fist went into the face of a complete stranger. Oh crap.

The End

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