The Complications of Being a Pushover

The rest of the week I continued to go to my youths bible study. It even became at some point (I'm not sure when) something that I looked forward to. I would sometimes bring Megan with me but I only did it so I wouldn't have to walk there looking like a loner. She would tag along and chat the entire time or text people. After she almost always came over to my house and we spent a good hour out on the trampoline, in my back garden, talking. 

It was Thursday and me and Megan were just walking into the church area when I tripped up in Caleb Moss whos feet were sprawled across the floor. "Sorry." I said apologetically. "No problem." he mumbled while standing up. "You're awfully tall for a kid in grade six ." I stated noticing that I came in just below his chin. "Well, okay I already kind of knew that..." he said looking at me a bit embarrassed. "Ah, it's not a bad thing, I bet your a softy anyways." he gave me a look "I could take you on any day." I boasted and gave him a light punch with my right fist. "Sure you could ." he said smiling despite himself.  "I could." I said as genuine as I could. "Ok then, lets go." he said jokingly. I grabbed his hat of his head before he could say another word and he chased me into the sanctuary, leaving Megan in the foyer. We ran up to the stage and I threw his hat back at him. "There, I win." I stated.

All of a sudden the doors to the sanctuary came open and Justin and Daniel walked in. "No Running in the church!" Justin yelled. Caleb and I smirked. " Whatcha' going to do to me if I don't stop?" I challenged him. "Give you a trimming." Daniel added nonchalantly. "You'd like that eh'?" Justin said to Daniel laughing lightly. "Shut-up Justin, you Tina." Daniel said evenly. "Tina?" I asked confused. Daniel smiled "Yeah it's his nickname. " he continued "Why?" I started but Daniel interrupted me "Don't ask." I wanted to press further into the matter but I didn't. "Ok everybody, sit down somewhere in a pew and start praying, Jon's downstairs working on a newsletter for the youth and I'm in charge today." Daniel said. We all sat in a pew and started praying off by ourselves. It had only been maybe ten minutes when I heard a noise. At first I thought I was imaging it, but then it got louder and I thought I heard somebody crying. I put my head up to see Daniel and Justin, a few pews over trying to stifle their laugher. I listened a bit closer and I could hear someone singing. Stop and Stare- I think I'm moving but I go nowhere... Daniel let out a chuckle and when he seen my confused face he started to laugh even harder. I stuck my head rudely over a pew to see Sizzle with his eyes closed and his mp3 player in his ear. Once again our meeting was turned into a giggle fest and people were falling out of the pews with laughter. 

"I thought somebody was crying or something like that, so I just ignored it for the first bit..." I told Daniel after the meeting. Me Daniel, Justin and Megan were outside the church. "Mhmm, thats one trippy kid." Justin said. "Well come on Cara we'd better get going." Megan said wanting to leave as soon as possible. "Ok, ok calm down, just give me a minute." I said not wanting to walk home just yet. As soon as I finished saying my sentence the doors to the church swung open and Jonathan stuck his head out. "Hey Cara, just the person I wanted to see, can you guys come in a second?" he asked. "I suppose we can." I said, wondering what he was up to. He grabbed me and pulled me down the stairs. "Hurry, hurry, hurry." he said and towed me into Pastor Brads office where a  girl named Heidei was already seated working on the youths newsletter. "We were just wondering if you wanted to date either of the guys because we were going to put them on the eligible bachelor list in the newsletter and we are just wondering if that would annoy you either bit." she looked at me politely. I couldn't help myself and I started laughing. Just then everyone caught up with us and Daniel walked in. Jon smiled mischievously, and Daniel gave him a look. "Ok everyone out except me Daniel, Cara and Heidei. THis is PBs office and nobody except us is allowed in because we are all on the executive.... except Heidei, but she is making a newsletter." Heidei was a tall, skinny brunette in grade twelve. If you asked me something was going on with her and Jonathan, even if they were 'just friends'.

Daniel shut the door in Justin's face and I sat down on a swivel chair. "So what do you want?" I asked, thinking that Megan wouldn't be happy if she had to wait long. Jonathan ignored my question and turned to Daniel. "I'm putting me, Garrett, Justin, Brady and Chad on the list of  eligible bachelors, you want to go on too. I mean I know you haven't been single for very long but..." he trailed off. "Yes by' put me on the list."  he said easily. "Um can I leave now?" I asked, hoping that I was no longer needed. "No you can't. Will you go out with Chad? Come on just one date, it's nothing." Jonathan gave me a puppy dog pout. "No, I can't, not even a date, I just can't think of Chad in that way you know?" I explained. "Ok, how about Justin, it's only a date." he kept on. "I don't know him well enough..." I interrupted quickly. He smiled, uhoh I thought. "Well then I think we should make time for you to get to know everyone better, give me your cell number and I'll text you this weekend, we can all hang out at the bus." he said and grabbed my cell from my pocket. "Hey- no, I don't think that- ugh, you know what? Ok." I said defeatedly. "Oh Jon what a sin brining her out to the bus." Daniel said. "What's the bus?" I asked. "You'll see." Jon said giving me back my cell. "Yeah I'm sure I will." I said and left the office. 


The End

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