If you can smile

Ever thought something would be so amazing and so wonderful, that the actual thing was just lifeless and a letdown? Well that was how high school  started for me. The classes were just as I expected and the teachers were just as weird, as I had dreamt. Although it was a major letdown in terms of my social life. I spent my weekends with the same people, we did the same thing and I felt like I was still in junior high. So with my extremely busy and important social life, I seen it as no problem to go to the after school prayer meeting. So on the first day of the meeting I took my bible, a notebook and a pen. Then I walked down to the church, although I felt a bit weird going all by myself. Guess it was time for me to do something by myself, for myself. 

When I arrived at the church the door was open and I walked in to find some people from my old junior high crowded together talking loudly. "Cara!" They yelled when they seen me and some of them embraced me with a hug. "Hey, haven't seen you guys for a while, what's up?" A girl named Heather spoke up to answer my question." Yeah I-" but she was interrupted by a guy who had come out of the main sanctuary. "We're getting started now, if you all want to go in and sit down." he was dark with a lean and muscular figure, a small make overall though, and on closer inspection had slanted front teeth. His eyes were an almost washed out blue and he had a distinct look to him. I smiled as I walked into the main sanctuary after Heather.

When I went into the sanctuary there was already a few people in there. I didn't know any of them. In the corner a handful of guys were sat talking loudly and I sat with Heather down a few rows from them, in the church's pews. One of the guys was bald and wore thick rimmed glasses. He had blue eyes and was listening almost animatedly to a bigger guy, a brunette with a fro hawk who was talking about basketball or something. On second inspection of the guy with the fro hawk, I recognized him. His name was Garrett Gillard, a member of every sports team around and a literally big jock. The other guy there I had seen before but I couldn't for the life of me remember his name. He was tall and blond with light blue eyes. He was wearing a dark blue hoodie from American Eagle and was in between the size of Garrett and the other average sized bald guy. When he laughed his eyes squinted together a bit and I think he caught me looking at him so I smiled and turned around.

When I did I heard Garrett whisper to me "Hey, you, the one with the shirt." I turned around with my eyebrow cocked up on one side. "Yeah?" I said suppressing a laugh, "Or do you mean the other girl with a shirt?" he smirked "No you, I think I know you from somewhere, dude! I do, your that chick from that chess tournament I went on once for a laugh. I have a video of you on my cell phone. Wanna see it? although you just kind of sit there and ignore me while I talk to Collins about you, then you give us a look. Yeah, like that one. Want to see it?" He chucked me his cell and I pressed play on the video. Sure enough ,him and some other guy sat there asking me questions while I sat there trying to suppress my laughter. "Oh God- why do you have this?" I asked "Because I felt the need to keep it." He said and the bald guy laughed. "Okay then"I said and turned around.

Then the guy who had told us to come in came out from the side of a hallway. "Hey Johnny Mac!" Garrett yelled. "Hey, but its Jonathan man, Jonathan Mckay. Don't you ever forget that! Haha just kidding now get up here so we can start." We all walked up to the front of the church and Jonathan started in a prayer. We were supposed to go around in a circle and I stood by the bald guy. "Now lets all start with names, just because I see a few people I don't know." This was obviously directed at me. My names Jonathan Mckay, he started and a few people laughed. "By's come on we arn't even started yet and I'm trying to be serious here." So we quieted down and continued "Karlee Young" Said a short girl I knew from junior high, "Aaron Pearson" said her friend. "Caleb Moss" said a freakishly tall kid from grade six, he was like taller than everyone else there and the youngest too. "Richard Paddock" squeaked a small boy in the same grade as Caleb. "Heather Lequant" Heather said in her deep voice. "Caroline Ross" I recited and I noticed a few people in the circle look at each other. "Justin Moss" The bald guy said half laughing and the and the blond one whos name I couldn't remember let out a big laugh, as well as Jonathan Mckay "Daniel Gillingham." He said and looked away from Jonathan who was laughing so hard he was crying. "What am I missing here?" I said confused. This made Daniel laugh harder and he said between gasps for breath "Nothing- nothing is funny." Then I noticed it a skinny guy was behind me just standing, there with the biggest smile on. It was some ah- how should I put this... handicapped kid from grade twelve that everyone called Sizzle. He was frozen in the spot pretending to lick my hair. "Ah!" I gave a small scream and stepped back, that wasn't even funny. However apparently it was because everyone including Sizzle let out into a giggle fit. "It's okay" said Justin "He just wants to welcome you." I moved away from Sizzle and over by Garrett who was also crying from laughter. " Ok now, lets get started." said Jonathan wiping his eyes.

We went around in a circle again saying prayer and this time when we got to Sizzle he turned bright red and started to snort like a donkey. This set everyone off again and we didn't finish the meeting till four thirty. When I was leaving Jonathan came up to me. "I never properly introduced myself, well you know my name but I guess what I'm really trying to say is- Justin thinks your sexy." I laughed a bit "Really?" I gave him a look. Just then Justin came over "Hey what's up?" he said to Jonathan. "Oh nothing just asking Cara if she'll go out with you." Justin laughed, "Ok well I don't even know her ,Jon your a jerk, don't let him tick you off. He's just a dick." Justin informed me. Then Daniel came over and started to talk to Jonathan. I figured I'd just leave so I started walking away when Jonathan said "Hey come on, go out with Daniel then." Daniel looked at me and said "I never told him to say that." I smiled again "I know" and I opened the door to leave. "Wait! Come back." said Garrett "Go out with me too!" He said between laughs. I smirked and walked out the front door.  

The End

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