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Caroline Ross is a young teenager who is just entering high school in the small town of Pasadena, Newfoundland. Her life prior to high school has been without any major conflict and very innocent. When Caroline dives into her local high school, she meets people in her small community she never even knew existed. She soon falls head over heels for one of her new friends. She also meets Daniel Gillingham. Only then does she realize that Daniel has taken a fancy to her and doesn't give up so easil

The first day of high school was the only day of that entire year that I could bring myself to get up before my alarm clock. The sun had managed to soak through my light curtains and rest on my eyelids. It had woken me up at exactly seven in the morning. Then I untangled my legs from the bed sheets and took an entire hour to curl my hair. I can't say that I was nervous exactly because I have too much pride for that. What I can say though is that once I was left wondering why I hadn't arranged to meet one of my friends at the door. As I walked into the school I wondered if anyones head turned. I silently prayed that one guy, just one guy would look at me and think, "Hell, she's hot"  but as far as I can tell, nobody did. Which is probably a very accurate assessment, not because I was terribly ugly, just boring and seemingly shy. My hair was dark brown, long in layers and my eyes were hazel. I was average height and wore dark liner that made my eyes stand out.

My homeroom class was with Mr. Stephen and in room twelve. I walked quickly to class with my overflowing book bag and down the crowded hallways. The school was surprisingly small and consisted of two long hallways connected by stairs. To the left side of the school's entrance was a small office with big windows and to my right, rows of lockers and doors. I counted the classes as I walked down the crowded hall, pushing past unfamiliar faces searching for anyone that I knew personally. I quickly found my class and made it to my seat as soon as the bell rang. The class was with many people I knew, but none that I liked or even really talked to. So I sat next to a guy I had never seen before. He looked like somebody who had failed the previous year and was back in level one. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and my friend Katherine sat down next to me. I smiled gratefully and struck up an easy conversation with her. Her blond hair was straightened, down past her shoulders and she wore tight jeans and a black tank top that was probably a bot too low. Katherine was a natural blond with green eyes, she was abnormally tall and skinny. She would have been perfect if not for her back. Her back was curved giving her a slightly hunched look, and she had to get treatments done on it and took medication to relieve pain. "Ready for the first day of school?" she asked me with a expressionless smile. "Yeah, actually I miss summer already. I mean you'd think that after two months of vacation school would be a nice break." Katherine smirked "yeah ... right, so what's up with you, I haven't hung out with you for a while." Well that was easily enough answered, "Same as always, well I've been going to youth lately, want to come with me next time?" Katherine raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow. "You know I don't do that type of stuff, I just don't ." she trailed off. "Ok, ok, just asking." I said with a smile.

"Ok, settle down now hooligans." A man with curley black hair and a balding head came into the room and me ad Katherine turned around to face him. He was wearing a black leather sheriff's vest, a blue shirt and hand cuffs were attatched onto his belt. He was wearing blue tinted reading glasses and jeans that were a bit too short. He seemed to be in about his late forties ans was heavy set. "Hey sir!" Mark Bradley said with a smile "Guess who's in your class this year?" Mark was a hockey player who was tall with brown hair, brown eyes and dark skinned. "Ah, wonderful, Bradley, now make it more wonderful and shut up. Oh great looks like I've got Colsey too." he said directing his sarcasm to Andy Coles, another hockey player, who was short stalky but built. "Yes sir!" Andy replied with a grin that made him look like a monkey. "Well I'd take your names but I really don't care so I will give Colsey the attendance and proceed with my lecture. My lecture is on ethics- know what that is Bradley? Course not! Manners and leadership, now turn to page five in your agenda."

My classes for the entire afternoon happened in this way, lectures in every possible form, no work, just lectures. Until they released us from school and I walked home at three. At the end of the day nothing really happened on that first day of school. Not that it mattered, nothing happened at all really until Wednesday night when me and my cousin Megan went to youth. We met Robyn there and went and sat together with her and Chad. Now in order to get the full effect of who I was, you must know that these three people along with Katherine (and Cecilia who doesn't come to youth due to religious issues) were my best friends. I spent every weekend of Junior High with them. I spent every moment of my spare time watching movies, going to the beach and hanging out with them. First we have Robyn. Robyn was my best friend and I loved her to death. When we were together we could find anything hilarious and laugh until we cry over a single word. She had recently cut her hair into layers instead of the shapeless mass it had been and replaced her glasses with contacts. All of a sudden her eyes looked stunning and her brown hair looked sleek and glossy. I was jealous, she beautiful, smart (the smartest of our class in fact) and petite. The only thing I had over her was my chest area which had magically transformed one summer and I haven't been able to wear a training bra since. Next there was Megan, she was my cousin, heavy set and an absolute pain. I detested her red, almost orange hair and multitude of freckles, but I put up with her for her sake. Finally there was Chad. Chad is the newest member of our group. He is a skinny guy with dark brown hair and is actually quite cute. Everybody knows that he likes me but I have absolutely no interest in him. I want a guy I can feel small and beautiful next to not, that I'm ugly once again, but Chad is the type of guy who could be gay. He's actually quite feminine, and I can go to him with problems like 'Does my hair look okay in this new style?', not the kinda guy you want as a boyfriend.


Anyways, back to the matter at hand, youth. Youth in Pasadena is held night at seven thirty in the Pentecostal church. Where around sixty of us meet in the upstairs sanctuary for worship. Now although youth is not all that special, it is extremely important to my story. Even more important to my story is this specific youth night, because it was on this night after the service that the pastor asked me to join the youth executive. Pastor Brad, or as everybody calls him PB didn't know me very well, so I was surprised when he asked me. The youth executive is sort of like a board for the youth, a leadership team. I said yes of course, but I didn't know anyone on leadership. PB told me I could start my leadership duties as treasurer by attending a youth prayer group everyday after school for this month. I thought that sounded simple enough, so I agreed, but I was wrong. Nothing is ever as simple as it sounds and me saying yes is the reason I met the people who changed my life and in a sense, me.   



The End

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