As I recall it

I embarked on a journey to uncover the truth on my own clan. This is what I found.

When I was little, there were lots of paintings. Old men, mostly. They all had a weird-looking brooch, shaped like a snake or something like that. every single passage, dining room, ballroom, living room and restroom had at least one. Mom and Dad were always busy"managing the castle" and every clan member I met (not all visitors were clan members) couldn't tell me all I wanted to know about those old men and women.

The years passed, and my curiosity grew faster than my body. All the books in the castle and in town weren't enough to unravel the mysteries before me. All I could find referred to the Moriel clan as participants in several battles, under several different kings; sometimes on the losing side. However, none of the paintings depicted big battles. Some of them were standing on dead dragons and other monsters, but never in war. There was something wrong or missing.

I became an adult; a full bearer of the Moriel name, with all the responsibilities and rights attached to it. The castle was mine and for the first time I had access to every single corner of the castle and its grounds. After signing all the clan Adherence and Loyalty papers I went directly to the Underground, which was a special room, several hundred meters below.

It had served as a treasure room, torture chamber and dungeon, and there were signs of it everywhere on the floor. However, there was something that didn't quite fit in there. A certain scent, the scent of age. I managed to track it down to a strange shield hanging on the wall.

The shield featured the same snake creature that those brooches had. I took it down and saw a hole in the wall, just big enough for an arm to fit in. I put my arm in it and felt like wet stone and mold. However, when I took my arm out of it, the moldy feeling stayed, as if it was growing on the back of my hand; but there was nothing.

When trying to figure out what happened, I saw a small light in the hole and couldn't take my eyes off it. It grew larger and larger inside my eye and before I could realize it, it had become a vision: the biggest garden I had ever seen, growing in what was once a battlefield, with swords and armor pieces everywhere. Each and all of the flowers, trees, bushes, insects animals and every living thing was completely frozen in its movement, as if time had stopped.

Then I felt lightheaded, and everything became black, while a voice kept saying "Wake up, wake up..."

I opened my eyes and saw an old man very close to me, watching me. I was laying and could only see stone walls and ceiling of a very small room, not the one I thought I was in. I heard and saw a fire in an improvised fireplace. My head hurt so much I couldn't even be sure that the voice I heard came from the man in front of me. The voice kept on saying:

- You were looking for a secret. As you should know, all secrets are meant to be kept in the dark for a reason, but now you've passed the point of no return. We're in the Maze of Secrets and you journey back to reality will only be possible if you can survive knowing the secret you were looking for.

You want to know about your clan, the Moriel clan. It all started with Moriel himself. Moriel was...

The End

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