Chapter Twenty-TwoMature

Chapter Twenty-Two

I tossed and turned the whole night and when the clock read 5:30 I gave up on the idea of sleep. I took a long shower and got dressed. I grabbed my bag and paused in the door, my shelves were empty. All my books, CDs and DVDs packed away. Dad would probably pack away my computer and TV while I was at school. I went downstairs and had cereal, eating slowly and watching the sun light up the sky outside. I was going to spend my summer holiday in a new house, bored out of my mind. I'd probably go outside and meet the other kids in the new base. Maybe they'll be someone my age this time around. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and glanced over my shoulder to see my dad.
“Morning,” we both said at the same time. He was fully dressed and showered as always. He walked around the counter and turned on the coffee-maker.
“Where are we moving too?” I asked, staring down at my cereal, that was turning more into mush as moments passed.

“A base in Cornwell. At least the sea will be close,” He added the last part with a half-hearted laugh. I nodded, it would be a nice place to live. It also wasn't close to Cambridge.
“Did you manage to find someone for that friend?” he asked. It took me a few moments to realise he was talking about Derek.
“Oh. No, I didn't,” I sighed.
“Don't worry, I'm sure things will work out,” he reassured me, leaning forward to shake my shoulder a little. I glanced at the clock.
“May as well head out now, if you want?” I asked as my dad finished the last of his coffee. He nodded and grabbed the car keys. It was weird to be in the school so early and see the corridors empty of life. I poked my head in the lunch hall and left quickly. I wasn't about to talk to Quinn and his friends. I dumped my stuff in my locker and pulled out my art book. At least the double class of Art meant a lot of time with Amber and Michael. I headed to the art block and paused mid-step in one of the corridors. I could hear muffled sounds from one of the small music rehearsal rooms. One had light glowing from the bottom of it, but the window was covered by the small curtain. I leaned against the door to listen, a sign of just how bored I was. I turned at the sound of high heels.

“Lily-” I shushed Amber before she could say anything more and motioned her to come forward. She joined me, leaning over me to listen so I could breath in her shampoo, she'd used a Jasmine one this morning I think.
“What are we listening to?” she whispered after a few seconds.
“No clue, I'm just bored,” I shrugged quietly. I half suppressed a giggle which she joined in.
“Let's just fine out what's going on,” she said. She knocked loudly and flung the door open. Our eyes grew wide in unison as the two of them broke apart instantly, faces equally red. Derek quickly pulled his zip up while Darren simply faced his back to us.
“Well, that explains the eagerness to come to bowling,” I commented. Darren turned back around, obviously having fixed himself.
“Hi,” Derek said, looking embarrassed, but a big grin splitting his features.
“Hi. Are we keeping this a secret?” Amber asked with a raised eyebrow. Derek glanced at Darren who shoved his hands in his pockets.

“Well, we did say hide it until caught,” he finally said to Derek.
“Good to know, I'm going to go text people about the cute gay couple I spotted making out,” Amber said, emphasis the words 'making out' a little too much. I laughed as she walked off, her fingers going over the phone keys at lighting speed.
“Do you think Michael will mind I didn't tell him?” Derek asked.
“Why would he mind? He'll just be happy for you,” I replied. He let out a sigh of relief and ran a hand through his hair, glancing shyly at Darren.
“Though, Quinn will give you hell until the year ends,” I pointed out.
“He already gives me hell,” Derek replied, rolling his eyes.
“We only have a few weeks anyway. Then Hills Road college,” Darren said.
“Aww, you guys aren't going to long road?” I asked, pouting at the thought of them leaving the group.
“Parents are pushy with expectations,” Derek explained with a shrug. “Darren's just a smart ass,” he added at the end, grinning at him.
“I'll remember that next time you need me over to help with studying,” Darren replied dryly.

“Why would I do that? Last time you offered to help me study, it led to far from academic activities,” Derek shot back. I shook my head, smiling as I left them to cutely argue. Amber put away her phone when she saw me and echoed my smile.
“I didn't think you'd be happy. Now there are two annoying gay couples,” I said. She shrugged, her expressions a mix of happiness and slight sadness.
“I played Derek, I know that. I'm glad he found someone. Even if it's the book nerd,” she explained. I blinked, I hadn't realised she'd felt guilty about it.
“I hope you stay like this when I go,” I murmured.
“I plan on it. Long-distance wouldn't work if Zack complained to you about me, would it?” she joked. I felt a sad smile form, it was nice she was holding onto the idea though.
“He'd complain anyway, trust me,” I replied. She huffed and muttered something about annoying cousins. I grabbed her hand and we headed to the art room. We got there as the warning bell to get to class rang.

The End

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