Chapter FifteenMature

Chapter Fifteen

When the bell ringed for break I headed back inside and saw Michael choking as Zack hugged him tightly.
“You're killing your boyfriend,” I commented behind them. Zack let go, but he kept Michael's hand firmly in his. Both of them were grinning like complete fools, it was adorable.
“Okay, I have a plan for this evening, you guys want to cut school and help me?” I asked. They both looked at me like I was crazy before Zack shrugged.
“It's not like we're missing anything great,” Zack said, pulling Michael closer and kissing his head. Michael smiled up at him with one eye closed.
“I mean actually helping me and not just making up for lost time while I'm there,” I joked.
“Aww, no fun,” Zack murmured, his deep voice making Michael blush. I shook my head and grabbed any stuff I might need from my locker. I texted Kim to let her know I was skipping my last lessons which she was in and to ask her to make up an excuse. I did the same with Nick for IT class next. He turned up next to our group a few seconds later.

“Darren's going to make an excuse. I'm not missing whatever you've got planned for the world. And Darren says it better be good,” Nick explained. My smile widened and we all headed to the auditorium. It wasn't going to be in use until the last two lessons. Which gave us an hour and a bit and then lunch if we decided to keep going.
“So, what are we doing?” Zack asked as he sat on the stage, dragging a surprised Michael down with him. Michael opened his mouth to complain but Zack cut him off with a quick peck on the lips.
“No fair,” Michael murmured, his cheeks red.
“We are making sure that my scene with Amber is kick-ass. Because I'm going to make her realise how much of a mistake she's making,” I replied, crossing my arms determinedly.
“Is that wise?” Nick asked, hands shoved in his jean pockets as always.
“Probably not, but who cares? It'll be fun,” Zack said before I could speak. He grabbed my arm and dragged off stage to where we'd kept all the costumes and stuff.

“I don't care what Darren says. You need a better outfit for this scene,” Zack said, ignoring the jeans, shirt and long brown coat I was supposed to wear. He whooped in victory and turned to show me a dress. It was dangerously short, black and glittered in the low light. It could easily challenge some of the things Amber wore. Nick wolf whistled at it, making me blush.
“I thought you were gay?” I joked.
“I am. But I can imagine Ambers reaction to you in that thing,” Nick replied with a wicked grin. He picked back up the coat and there it with the dress.
“Think of it as a secret reveal,” he said when Zack sent him a questioning look.
“This is going to be the girliest thing I ever do,” I muttered as I stared down at the thing. I was going to need make-up. I bent down to look at the shoes. Normally I just wore comfortable smart shoes but that dress needed something extra. Something me so Amber knew I'd planned it.

“Hell yeah,” I said, pulling out an awesome pair of army-style boots. Buckles covered them and boots came half-way up my thigh. The soft leather fitting comfortably like a second skin.
“Someone not to be messed with,” Nick commented, giving the boots an appraising look. I grinned and struck a pose with both hands on my hips. We all burst into shared laughter and moved to the stage. I lost count of how many times we laughed as Zack kept yelling at me to be sexier. When the lunch bell went I double-checked all the stuff I'd need for this evening was in my bag.
“So if this work, will you give Amber a second chance?” Michael asked from where he sat against the wall. Zack and Nick were deep in conversation debating bands.
“No. I'm going to start afresh,” I said. I stood up and offered my hand. He took it and I didn't miss how he winced a little.
“Are you okay?” I asked, trying not to raise my voice. The last thing I wanted to do was worry Zack. Michael ran a hand through his hair looking embarrassed.
“Yeah. Just still sore at times. It'll be a few more days before they get rid of the last stitches,” Michael explained.
“So I guess you and Zack can't do a lot until then?” I asked. Michael laughed and shook his head.

“Zack seems happy just attacking me with hugs and kisses at the moment,” he said, a huge smile on his face.
“Well, I'm glad you're okay. Everything would've really sucked if, well, you know ...” I trailed off, feeling stupid for even mentioning. He probably still had nightmares about the whole for gods sake. And here I was just reminding him that he almost died.
“Thanks,” he said. Then he flung an arm over my shoulder. “And stop worrying,” he added. I sighed, annoyed at how easy my face was to read.
“Working on it,” I said, “ Honest.”
“And Nick's gay? Was it fun learning that?” Michael asked. I felt my cheeks turn beetroot red at the memory.
“I tried to kiss him,” I admitted quietly. Michael blinked at me before laughing, his whole body shaking with it.
“Not funny,” I yelled, lightly shoving him away. Zack and Nick had finished talking and were watching us in confusion. I gave in and started laughing myself. We headed to lunch and I felt relief course through me. Michael was back and fine. And not to give Lewis credit, but his words had helped me decide. I was getting Amber back.

The End

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