Chapter TwelveMature

Chapter Twelve

When we got to the house I headed straight to the living room where Zack was watching TV. He looked up, surprised to see me.
“You are going to this dinner thing with me,” I growled. He frowned and opened his mouth when Amber poked her head through the door.
“Come on, we need to get ready fast,” Amber said. Then as an afterthought she threw Zack his phone back.
“I borrowed this,” she yelled as she headed back into the hall and up the stairs. I watched her go and sent Zack a begging look.
“Okay, stop with the puppy-eyes. I'll go as well,” Zack said with a laugh. He stood up and I released a breath of relief. At least I didn't have to deal with Amber alone now.
“Any chance I can get ready in your room as well?” I asked, making him laugh.
“If Amber was going to make a move, she wouldn't care where,” Zack pointed out. I muttered a curse and walked up the stairs next to him. I wave goodbye to him when we had to go in opposite directions.

I walked into Ambers room, recognising the lilac walls and thick white carpet. Amber wasn't visible which told me she was lost somewhere in her walk-in closet picking her dress for tonight. She re-emerged with one in each hand and held them both up. The only difference was colour and with Ambers dark hair she could easily look amazing in the red one. Which is why I pointed to the navy blue one. I didn't want to make things harder for myself. She sent me a smirk that told she knew what I was thinking.
She went back in to look around and came back out with a different dress. A big smile on her face as she showed it to me. It wasn't her usual short dresses. This fell below the knees and rose at an angle to just below them. It was black piece with a jewelled white flower pattern in the middle. I could also tell straight away it wasn't the sort of dress that suited her figure.

“I'm not wearing it,” I said resolutely and her face fell.
“But I saw it the other day and knew it'd look amazing on you,” she said, her voice hurt. I sighed, why did she have to have such good puppy-dog eyes?
“Fine, but then I need to shower and shave my legs,” I said. Heading to the bathroom.
“Want some company?” Amber asked, the familiar teasing tone in her voice.
“No,” I replied abruptly. Too fast. She grimaced, obviously aware she'd done something wrong.
“Sorry,” she murmured.
“It's fine,” I replied. It wasn't, not really. But the guilt on her face told me a spiteful retort was unnecessary. I locked the door behind me to be on the safe side anyway. I hung up the dress and looked at the assortment of stuff Amber had. She didn't need three quarters of it really. I sighed before showering and sorting myself out. I dried and styled my hair as best I could. It would never be curly but I could straighten it nicely. I pulled on the dress and studied myself in the mirror. It did suit me, but I still felt uncomfortable in it.

I left the room and Amber sat up from the bed instantly. Her eyes trailing over my body. It was more than embarrassing. Then a smile broke her lips.
“You look beautiful,” she said. She stood and closed the distance between us, wrapping me into a hug. I felt my guard rise but she didn't try anything. She just held me and pulled away. I thought I saw a shine over her eyes but she quickly blinked it away.
“Thanks,” I murmured, unsure what to else to say or do. Then she arced an eyebrow, studying my face.
“Sit down,” she commanded. I rolled my eyes knowing what was coming next. I sat patiently as she applied make-up expertly. It felt uncomfortable and itched my skin. When she was finished she stood up with a proud grin.
“You don't need it, but you sure look hotter for it,” Amber said with a grin. I decided not to comment and opened the door. Me and Amber headed downstairs and walked outside, onto the front porch.. Zack was ready with a suit on. Though I doubted his father would approve of him lighting the cigarette.

“What the excuse this time?” I asked, leaning against the wall.
“Having to face my dad and my uncle at the same time,” he replied with a forced laugh. I sent Amber a glance, she was texting the driver to come.
“I know you're dad can be … difficult. But what's wrong with your uncle?” I'd never met the man since Amber had been with Zack when we'd grown up together.
“Dad accepts my choice. My uncle claims he does, but makes side-comments and clearly does not,” Zack explained. I glanced at Amber, suddenly a lot of her running away moments made sense. And yet she was dragging me to a fancy dinner with her father. At least I could be sure she wouldn't try any funny business under the table.

The End

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