Chapter FiveMature

Chapter Five

Amber babbled about general girl talk during class and it did seem for all the world like we were actually friend again. But I tried not to let myself feel too comfortable. I had no clue if she'd really meant it when she said she was trying to change, and that she really did want me. But then why should I care? We were just friends now, and that was a good thing.
“You going to be on steam tonight?” Nick asked over his shoulder, interrupting Amber without a second thought. I didn't miss the glare she sent his way.
“Probably,” I replied with a shrug. He smiled and turned back to the board. Amber gave me a side-glance which I ignored. She said friends, why was Nick bothering her?
“Since when were you a gamer?” she asked, loud enough for Nick to hear. I suppressed a groan.

“Since I was a kid and I kept beating Zack on the playstation,” I replied with a sigh. She thought about it.
“Oh yeah. I always just watched because I sucked and was only interested in the storyline,” Amber replied with a small smile. I could tell by her eyes she was recalling other memories of our childhood. Amber had been so different then, I hated what her father had done to her.
“What does 'Pansare' mean again?” James asked loud enough for us to hear. He was sat next to Nick who gave him a side-ways glance, looking bored.
“Think,” Nick replied.
“I am,” James said, scrunching up his face further staring at the word in the textbook.
“No, it means to think,” Nick explained with a sigh. He rubbed a hand over his face and I noticed the dark circles under his eyes. When the bell went I stopped him with a hand on the wrist. He glanced down at it in surprise but didn't seem bothered.

“Are you okay?” I asked, he seemed bothered by something. He nodded, shoving both hands deep into his jean pockets.
“Yeah, just tired,” he said with a shrug. I frowned, not entirely believing his words. But there wasn't much I could do as the bell went for my next class. Geography was a lesson I did get. I couldn't wait to tour places and see the rest of the world. I loved the idea of being an air hostess or a tour guide in a country with history. Ideally Italy, but I didn't mind where. I abandoned my usual spot and sat next to Darren, earning me a raised eyebrow.
“What are you doing this weekend?” I asked with forced cheer. Begging for Darren to have a non-serious side.

“Probably homework or my extra curricular stuff, why?” he asked, a touch of real curiosity in his voice.
“Well, how about you join me and some friends? Bowling and whatever else we think up to do,” I suggested. I could see he wanted to say no instantly and interrupted him.
“C'mon! All the best directors get to know his crew. Kim, her girlfriend, Zack, Derek, Nick and James will be there,” I rambled. I saw Darren pause and re-think.
“Fine,” he said. I wanted to ask what made him change his mind so quick but decided to just be happy.
“So what's up with you and Amber?” he asked, taking me by surprise.
“Not subtle?” he asked, making me sigh at him.

“Not especially, but its fine,” I said. I clicked my tongue, trying to figure out the best way to explain it without getting myself worked up.
“Amber and me sort of had a thing, and now we don't,” I explained. His mouth went into small 'o' and he turned back to the board.
“Mutual or nasty?” he asked, while writing notes. He was so blunt I made me want to laugh.
“Nasty,” I sighed, regretting my choice to ask him now.
“Well, you can get back at her if you take the 'Take me or leave me' number, instead of letting it be terrible,” He replied, making me widen my eyes at him. How would I do that? Did I really want to lower myself to that level? A little...

“The whole point of the scene for Joanne is to assert that she's just as much as a catch as Maureen is. So show that,” He continued with a sly grin. I knew he was just trying to improve the scene in whatever way he could. But the idea made me flush a little. It was always Amber getting me all hot and bothered. How great would it feel to do that to her for once? But if I did that I was being as bad as her. And she'd misunderstand, think I wanted another go. Then again, wouldn't I be changing anything? I didn't know.

The End

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