Chapter FourMature

Chapter Four

Lunch passed quickly with some more planning for the weekend. Since my last lesson was with Darren I could invite him then and give him all the details. Amber stayed away, but I knew it wouldn't matter, she was in my second-to-last class. The bell rang two quickly for my liking and I headed to Italian. I didn't get a word of it, which is a result of my moving around, every school put me in a different language class. I stopped bothering to learn eventually and instead keep up with just my core subjects.
The slamming of lockers made me pause mid-step. Everyone was concentrating on a commotion in the main corridor. I expected to see Lewis being his usual jerk self, but it wasn't Lewis. It was some guy who must've been a lackey before. And Lewis was the guy being picked on.

“Glad someone's doing it.” I heard someone mutter nearby, not someone I knew. Lewis wiped blood from his lower lip, glaring at the guy.
“Go away Quinn,” Lewis said, standing up, leaning on the lockers for support. Obviously I'd come here part-way through because something was wrong with his right ankle. Quinn grinned at him and glanced at the crowd, he was enjoying the attention too much.
“Sure. But consider this you're dethroning Lewis. We need a leader who is sane,” Quinn replied making Lewis laughed.
“Yeah, I guess. But you're also an idiot,” Lewis replied. Quinn threw a punch that landed on Lewis Jaw and threw him to the side.
“Yeah, get the stabber,” someone yelled. I glared at the random guy who shrugged. None of these people had even known or cared about Michael until Lewis came along. I doubted they were suddenly all pro-gay. I realised too late what was going to happen as other yelled various things. I had t get a teacher and fast. I may hate Lewis, but no one needed to get the crap beaten out of them. I turned and was stopped instantly.

“You're going to help the dick that tried to stab my cousin?” Amber said, eyes narrowed. I blinked at her and sighed.
“Will it really help things if he goes to hospital instead?” I asked, having to shout over the cheering. A teacher had to know something was going on.
“Maybe not, but it'll feel damn great,” Amber replied, glaring at him over my shoulder. I heard the sound of something crunch and saw shock register on Amber's face.
“You want this to continue, really?” I asked. She shook her face quickly, skin pale. We raced for the staff room together and two teachers quickly headed out. The crowd dispersed almost instantly and Quinn didn't argue when he was given detention. Lewis didn't argue either, which surprised me. He just nodded and headed to the boys bathroom to clean up his bleeding nose.

“We should head to class,” Amber said when the corridor was mostly empty. But I didn't want to, I waited until Lewis re-emerged and walked right up to him.
“You want to hit me too?” he asked, no anger in his tone.
“No, but Amber probably wants to slap you,” I said, hearing her make a sound of agreement behind me.
“Then go ahead, might as well get it dealt with in one go,” he muttered with a shrug.
“And get your gross blood under my manicured nails? No thanks,” Amber replied with disgust. I shook my head at her and turned my attention back to Lewis.
“Why didn't you fight back? You're twice Quinn's size,” I asked, adding the last part with crossed arms. He shrugged again.
“There was no point,” he replied then left quickly before I could ask him anything else. I stared after him, wondering just what was going through his mind. I'd prepared to see Lewis acting a thousand different ways. But not this defeated shell, and it felt wrong to feel sorry for him.

“I'm glad he's guilty,” Amber said behind me, reminding me that we'd just been interacting. I turned to face her, wary. She noticed the sudden change quickly and sighed.
“Look, can we at least try being friends again?” she asked. I shifted on the spot, unsure. Her words were sincere and she'd been acting like a decent human most of the time with Lewis.
“Friends,” I finally said, “But that's all,” I added. A smile broke her face and she started walking.
“Better hurry, or we're going to miss the whole of our fifth lesson,” Amber said. Not that either of us liked Italian.

The End

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