Eat What's in Front of You

Corduroy and I observed the fork together.

After the fork had turned completely copper, it melted into a puddle. The metal globule glided off the napkin towards Corduroy.

“What's going on?” My voice quavered.

“No, no, no,” Corduroy muttered as he watched the copper blob glide closer. His torso pushed back from the table but his left hand swung up and slammed down, directly in the path of the copper liquid. Jaw clenched with effort, he attempted to lift his arm and splayed hand. His fingers scissored together on the table. The puddle slid right up to his finger pads, then disappeared as it was absorbed into his skin.

Cordy's eyebrows were almost touching his hairline. A glint of copper came again from his skull but this time, the line of copper grew wider and longer. Generous copper lips filled my brother's mouth. And still the line kept going down, splitting his face in half.

My jaw slackened.

The crack in Corduroy sliced his throat, then his chest, in half. No blood, just a glistening copper creature emerging from my brother's body, like unzipping and peeling off a wetsuit. The two halves of my brother's body fell to the seat on either side.

“Cordy?” I whispered.

The humanoid creature's head jerked up and its eyes focused on me. Unblinking, its eyes resembled the marbles Cordy and I had collected when we were small. Colourful but soulless.

“Sir's dinner is served,” proclaimed a voice to my right. A deluge of macaroni and cheese flew across the table and covered the creature, like a kid's macaroni Mother's Day card.

“Wha-?” I began and then fell silent as the hissing started.

Like acid, each piece of macaroni adorning the copper creature's body had begun eating its way inside. Smoke wafted from each hole.

In seconds, the macaroni had burned through so much of the creature that it fractured into countless tiny shards.

“Stick with what you know, that's what I always say,” Jeff said, twirling his tray on his index finger. “Should've ordered the usual.”

The End

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