And then I saw Him

Chapter 3 - And then I saw Him.

Ivory's Point of View

Walking into the lunch hall with Toby's muscular arms tucked protectively around me did earn me a few death glares and jeers, but I ignored them. Today couldn't get any worse, anyway.  We meandered our way through the densely packed gatherings of people hugging, claiming how they hadn't seen each other for a century and how they had to catch up. The holidays had been 2 weeks long, wow, sure adds up to a century!

"Hey, Ivy, What'dya want?" I heard Toby say loudly over the roar of the student gossiping, but I didn't answer. My eyes are transfixed on something, or, someone, sitting with Sapphire and Rhona in the center of the hall. The boy, dark, cropped hair that hangs loosely above his vacant blue eyes swishing slightly as he laughed, the girls looking dumbstruck and almost guilty. I can't recall the boys name, maybe he is new . . .

"Ivy, Earth to Ivy?" I'm tossed out of my daydream like an egg from a falling nest as Toby sharply shakes my shoulders. I blink, completely stunned and a little hazy. "Uh, Just the Chicken Caesar Salad." I mumble and grab the tray the lunch lady thrusts towards me just before it would have teetered off the edge of the metal bars. Toby remains silent and steers us towards the table with Sapphire and the new boy, to my surprise.

I silde into the seat next to Rhona, who I hug half-heartedly and begin to talk to as Toby chats to sapphire, Wait, Sapphire is talking to Toby? My Toby? Wait, Did I just call him mine? I shrug off my uncertainty and turn back to Rhona, who's baby blue eyes seem as soft and large as always, reminding me of the young deer that  gallivant through the forest back home, bleating as they play among the flower-spattered fields. How I miss home.  

"Ivory! It's great to see you, " Rhona chirped, a faint rose blush appearing on her porcelain like skin. She was very pretty, her pale caramel-hued hair tumbling straight down to her shoulders, her slightly round face the perfect shade of ivory, like a china doll. "I have so much To tell you! So Liam asked me out and . . . " Rhona carried on talking, but I wasn't tuned in. I was looking at the boy again, who was silently, as if oblivious to the rest of us being here, japing at his meatloaf with a fork and every once in a while taking a swig from his Pepsi. He completely ignored me, even when I stared directly into his dark blue eyes. They were enchanting, almost white around the pupil then turning navy around the edges, faint flickers of silver flashed every once in a while. It was beginning to but me, how he could blatantly pretend that I didn't exist. As if I were a ghost, translucent and pale against the humming noise around the cafeteria. " . . .  and then he took me out in his car and we!"

"Excuse me, what is your problem?" I said nonchalantly to the guy across the table, as if I owned the place and it was something I asked to everybody. Rhona's jaw flopped in the corner of my eye, and she stopped talking instantly. Toby gave me a surprise and questioning look, as if I had done something dirty, and Sapphire was holding back hysterical laughter.

The boy ever so slowly raised his head, a smirk forming on the corner of his lips. "If only I could see your face right now, priceless." He grinned, circling the tip of his fork on the table top rhythmically.

I began to flush, confused at what he meant. I looked down from all the accusing stares from around the table, and saw other people in the hall go silent and begin to watch me accusingly too.  "What do you mean?" I asked, my heart fluttering like a million butterflies were captive inside my chest, and my voice almost an octave higher and a light year faster than normal.

"Aww, Precious little Bimbo. I can't see, dearest, it's often known as being blind, did you know that?" He taunted, clearly milking this for all he could get. I felt my face go red, and my eyes on the verge of tears. I feel like I am heating up, and clasp  my palms together to stop myself from breaking out in a cold sweat. Yeah, I get stage fright. But then, fury, rage, anger welled up inside my chest. Nobody spoke to me like that! I could see Toby tensing, ready to jump to my rescue, like he always did. But I shot him a glance, telling him to let me handle it.

"Listen here, smartass. I have put up with enough crap today, and I don't want to hear any from the new kid! So if I were you, I'd shut your mouth and eat the damn food given to you.!" I snapped ferociously, knowing I sounded far more intimidating than I felt. I slammed my tray down on the table and stared hard at him, the background noise fading away into oblivion and leaving the only sounds as the faint beating of my heart and the echo of the plastic tray hitting metal like a brick. The boy was silent, shocked. I smiled triumphantly, turned on my heels and walked fleetingly from the room, reaching the hall and legging it down the corridor to the girls bathroom, where I collapsed in a heap and curled up in the corner around myself, crying into my hands until I ran out of tears to shed.


The End

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