Entering Oblivion

Chapter 2 - Entering Oblivion

Ebony's Point of View

It's my first day, and I am never normally the nervous type. But Last night was sleepless; I had dreams, dreams of an army of wolves. All careering into a clearing and opposite me was a black fae. Soft facial features accented her glacial white eyes; they were empty, with no pupil. She looked blind, though I knew she could see me. She walked towards me, every movement like a dance, and then, THEN I woke up, Great Timing or what?It's funny, isn't it, how I can only see in my dreams. Yeah, you guessed it! I'm blind, and I'm fine that way. I'm used to it, it means I don't judge books by their covers, ‘because I can't. 
Walking through the busy corridors and blending in isn't too hard from me, I can hear and sense the people moving around me, I've had practice, plenty of it. My father coaches me on it, we train every weekend for four hours each day, martial arts, self defence and other things that will help me survive if I'm ever left on my own . . .  but sometimes I use those training sessions to my advantage, let's just say I could beat the whole football team with one hand tied behind my back, even with my extreme disadvantage and their brute brawn.
I finally reach the lunch hall and grab a tray, telling the lunch lady too tell me what she's serving, though I can tell it's some sort of processed filth. I'll just trash it before I leave.  I listen for a secluded table and sit down, silently sipping from my Pepsi can every once in a while as I prod what feels like mush underneath my fork. I don't think anybody will approach me, I'm the new kid, the outcast, the loner. And of course I'm different from them, and if I've learnt one thing about teenagers, they are afraid and hostile towards anything different, hence why I'm not wearing my dog-tag today and I'm wearing jeans and converses rather than cameo trousers and army boots. It's normal when you come from a military home with no feminine influence at all.
I run my hand through my dark hair and sigh, when I hear the ‘clip-clop' of high heeled shoes heading directly towards me. Then, I hear the other bench of the table creak with somebody sitting down. My guess is that it's two girls, around 16 by the length of stride and the weight when they sat down.
"Hi, You're new here, right?" I heard one high voice chime, reminding me of the skylarks that used to sing early in the morning at my old house when the snow capped mountains became visible on the misty horizon. I felt like telling them they were stating the obvious, but was obliged to be generally polite. "Yup. I'm Ebony." I cringed as I spoke my name, most people find out my name and rumours spread around that I'm gay or a trannie. Can I help it if my father is a little wacky? "Cool, I'm Rhona Desmond, and This is Sapphire." I could tell she was a genuine girl, I guessed she was kinda the happy-go-lucky type. I found myself intrigued on her appearance and couldn't help but ask. "May I ask what you look like?"
"What is that supposed to mean, dumbo? Are you blind or something?" A less friendly voice, who guessed must be Sapphire snarled from across the table as if she were making some hilarious joke, Rhona laughed half-heartedly, but I did not. For me, It wasn't funny, but the next bit would be.
"Actually, Yes." I said matter-of-factly with a bored tone in my voice and a sarcastic smile. The laughing ceased immediately. "Sapphire!" I heard Rhona snap under her breath. Then, I laughed. 
This was going to be a fun year. 

The End

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