As Cheesy Love As It Gets

Her eyes were beautiful. No, beautiful is an understatement. Her eyes were deep. You could jump off a cliff and just swim in the depth of them. Then, they took you off that cliff and onto a roller coaster ride where her eyes were the tracks that you raced upon. And you never wanted to stop.


But when the ride was over and done, her eyes showed you happiness. You believed in destiny or maybe even fate but her eyes just showed you happiness is something you create. And once that lesson was learned, her eyes took you to the ends of the Earth and back.


Yes, back. Until all you could see was her breath-taking eyes, the ones you could swim the sea in. The ones you could ride through and learn lessons from and really just see.


Her eyes were beautiful. It was as if you fell in love with them before you fell in love with her.

The End

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