14th February - the following year

          It’s Valentine’s Day again and somehow I’m happier this year than last year. I’ve not got that gold necklace anymore because I went round and systematically destroyed everything that reminded me of Matt. All apart from one thing.

          Two months ago, I discovered that I was pregnant. I’m going to be a mum at the age of fifteen. I suppose it’s not surprising, given everything that happened. I’m keeping the baby, even though I’m not sure who the father is. At first, when I told her, Mum thought I really was mad, but Kate understood.

          The only person who has no patience with me is Isabella. That’s because she hasn’t got a clue where I was during my absence: we haven’t told her anything. It’s for the best. I wonder what she’ll think when she finds out about the baby.

          Matt’s going to court for trafficking, and Erik for helping him. His friends are going for sex with someone under sixteen - Matt will be charged with that as well. Unfortunately, as I’m over thirteen I have to be a witness. Kate’s going to come too, to support me. I don’t think I could do it on my own.

          When the girl at school gave that assembly, I didn’t dream that I would end up being trafficked. Now I want to tell everyone so they don’t fall into the same trap as me. I’m not strong enough, mentally, yet, but I will be. To tell people that it happens here, in the UK, in London. To me.

          I saw it. I was there.

The End

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