7th September

          Kate and I have just finished our first day of lessons. It’s nice to have something to take my mind off everything. Over the past week, we’ve not been doing much. Mostly crying. I’ve been telling Kate what happened.

          I think I’m managing to get over my addictions. With God’s help, they’ll go away completely. Unfortunately, I find it very hard to keep my food down and so am still very thin. It’s because I’ve had so little to eat recently. The doctor is confident I’ll recover but he looked at me oddly, as he said it. It was as though he knows something I don’t …

          The press are bothering us a lot. Every time I see the journalists wanting my story, the details of that story come back to me. They’re not letting me forget it, and somehow I know I never will. With luck, the pain will leave those memories and that’s all they’ll be: memories.

          It’s hard to start trusting Mum and Dad again. For so long now, I haven’t been able to trust anybody. But I will trust them in the end, I know. It just takes time.

The End

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