11th April

          I’ve hardly been at home at all in the last twelve days. Almost every night, Matt comes to pick me up. I don’t dare to refuse, because when I tried, he hit me, and made me come anyway, forcing me into his car and driving off before I could get out. As I sit in the room I once felt honoured to stay in, I can hear him bargaining with his many drunken druggie friends.

          “She’s worth more than that!” he says, and then he admits the friend, from whom he’s just managed to wheedle far more money that they had originally been willing to pay.

          They make me feel that all I am worth is what someone will pay for me. I don’t feel like a human being any more - I’m just a thing. And then they just dump be somewhere when they don’t want me anymore. My parents call the police every time I go, but there’s nothing they can do unless I tell them where I am taken, and I can’t do that.

          Kate stays over at mine most nights, to keep an eye on me. I think they assume I’m going out of choice, but they are wrong. I feel sorry for Kate - she’s getting very little sleep. I have to go, though. I’m breaking my family, but if I didn’t go it would only get a whole lot worse.

The End

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