14th March

          I climbed out of the window and down the drainpipe. Fortunately we’ve got one of those lead ones - much stronger than your average plastic. I’m not sure it would have taken my weight otherwise. Matt picked me up, as we had arranged. We had a laugh together watching Mum run down the street in her dressing gown. She didn’t have a chance, not with Matt’s driving. His sports car just accelerated smoothly and we left her behind in seconds. Matt’s given me a new phone. It already has loads of numbers on it, but he says that they all know who I am, and will help me if I need them to. They also supply him with some of the drugs, the ones he gives me. I know I shouldn’t enjoy taking them, but afterwards I feel as though all my worries are non-existent, and I see the most beautiful things …

The End

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