4th March

          Oh dear. Well, understatement of the year just made its appearance there. I woke up the other morning with no recollection of the date. Well … what I remember I’m sure must have been a hallucination (again, I had plenty of those, I am ashamed to say. At least, I think they were hallucinations) because that’s not what Matt’s like. I feel messed up. One moment I’m happy, the next I want to kill someone. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the drugs?

          I keep seeing the red marks on my neck and arms and I know it wasn’t Matt who put them there. Why didn’t he stop the others? He’s acting very oddly recently; I don’t know why. He just lets his friends do what they want with me. I thought he loved me!

          Kate looks worried but I have decided I don’t care about her. I’ve got Matt, and I’m sure he does love me really. I think he’s just got a funny way of showing it. I mean, boys aren’t very good with their feelings, are they?

The End

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