25th February

          I’ve been high all week. Matt took me out with some of his friends and they gave me drugs. I didn’t want to take them (“just say no!”) but I couldn’t help myself. I’m almost ashamed of my lack of willpower. Almost, but not quite.

          What harm can so few do, anyway?

          I’ve got a lovebite on my neck but I don’t know how it got there. All I can remember is Matt’s friend touching me up and I looked at Matt, trying to make him make the guy stop, and he was laughing too - laughing at me. He didn’t even care. It must have been a hallucination, though. Heaven knows I had plenty of those. Matt wouldn’t do that. He loves me, I know he does.

          I found myself lashing out at Kate earlier. I couldn’t help it - she’s really bugging me. Being WAY too overprotective.

          The police found me on a bench outside a pub. I don’t know how I got there. They gave me a lecture about how worried I was making Mum and then let me go home. I would rather have met up with Matt, to be honest, but he wasn’t answering his phone.

The End

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