Part 3 - Eleanor

Why don’t I just run away?

Does no one know, does no one care?

I’m nobody now, worthless,

But no one knows, and no one cares.


Stop trying to stop me; I know what I’m doing

Stop trying to help me; you’re making it worse

Stop trying to love me; I don’t want your care

I’ve learnt that it’s all just a lie, anyway


Where am I? Tell me, please!

Will I ever get home? I’ve changed my mind -

I need your help, you should’ve stopped me

Take me home, please, just take me home


Do they even know my name, know who I am?

Do they know that I feel pain, I’m a person?

Do they see the evil, what they’re doing to me?

Do they know what it is they’ve stolen from me?

The End

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