7th September

          The girls are in the dining room, having their first day of home tutoring. I wasn’t sure about them starting so soon after Elle got back, thinking to give her some time to recover, but Kate said that what Eleanor needs is something to take her mind off what happened. I think she may be right. After all, Kate knows the most about what happened to Elle. I’ve refused to hear the details, and I know Elle doesn’t really want to tell me unless she has to.

          The press are badgering us 24:7. I had a shouting match with them at eleven o’clock last night.

          “I will not let you make money out of my daughter’s pain!” That shut them up, but they’ll be back.

          Elle is often sulky with us. She can’t help it. Over the last few months she’s been told over and over again that we’re holding her back, until she started to believe it. Although she is trying to convince herself that it’s not true, she’s finding it hard.

Slowly but surely she is overcoming her addictions. I’ve never been so proud of my daughter ever before. One thing I overheard her telling Kate, though, really broke my heart.

“They made me feel that all I was worth,” she said, crying, “was what someone would pay for me.”

The End

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