27th May

Can it really get any worse? Eleanor’s been missing more times than I can count. The police know me very well now: I have become their most frequent caller, and Eleanor the number one reported missing person.

          She’s so thin - Eleanor, that is. Her hair is a mess and she’s not washing. She doesn’t care about herself any more. Her body is bruised all over, and she is often lost in her own thoughts. Aside from Kate she has no friends to speak of. When she’s not hire, which is rare but becoming more common, the loneliness and pain you can see in her eyes is heartbreaking.

          Kate has a theory. She says that those men are probably telling her that she has to do things for them to pay for the drugs, because she’ll never be able to pay them with money. If I could give her my life savings to stop this, I would, but I know that it wouldn’t be any good. She’s in it all too deep. Poor Elle.

The End

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