2nd May

          I have phoned the police 23 times so far. That’s how many time’s Eleanor has gone missing; how many times I’ve gone to her room and it has been empty. Gone for one night, two nights, one night. We never know where they’ll find her. I’ve had to give up locking her in - it was costing us more than we could afford to get the windows replaced.

          It’s tearing our family apart. Both my husband and my two other children spend as much time as possible away from the atmosphere in this house. I’ve been fired - I received a letter yesterday - so now I’m unemployed. They claim that my standard of work has dropped. It’s probably true. Since February, Eleanor has been my first priority.

          Kate admitted that she has had the same problems, at school and at home. She says she won’t stop helping me, though. I don’t think I could have got this far without her, and she realises that too.

          “I don’t think I really had a choice whether or not to get involved,” she told me.

The End

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