10th February

Eleanor, my daughter, has been acting very strangely recently. I would have said it was just hormones, but she’s usually such a good girl at school, although she is convinced that she’s ugly, however much we, her family, tell her that she isn’t. When I was looking for something in her room I found a mobile phone that I didn’t recognise.

            “Elle, where did you get this?” I asked her. I didn’t mean to sound sharp, but it came out sounding stricter that I had intended.

            “None of your business!” she shouted at me, slamming the door in my face. She seems to have an abnormal amount of new stuff, actually. Jewellery, phones, makeup, clothes… I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before.

            Could she be shoplifting? I don’t know why she should do that, but her pocket money wouldn’t stretch to all that. It’s the only rational explanation I can think of.

The End

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