Ruth is a forty-five year old mother. She says that she doesn’t have favourites among her children, but if she did it would be Eleanor. She just wants the best for her children, and wants them to be happy. Her daughters are Isabella and Eleanor, and she has a son called Ed. She always wanted another child but never could. After a miscarriage, she gave up the idea. Though he said nothing, Ed was quietly pleased. After Eleanor, he stated that he did not want any more babies in the house. Of course, he did not dare to say that to his traumatized mother’s face. But he admitted as much to Isabella, who later, in a fit of spite, passed it on.

            Ruth has greying blonde hair and piercing green eyes. She’s a little taller than average, and is thin, although not unhealthily so. She works in an office in the city, as a secretary. Her husband, Mike, went off the scene for a bit while Eleanor was acting strangely, but he came back on board later.

The End

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