13th February - the following year

It’s been exactly a year since I first wrote about Elle. Of course, the problems started almost two months before that, but they weren’t very serious. I can’t believe I ever suspected her of stealing!

          She’s healing well, but slowly. It’s sort of hampered by the fact that two months ago she found out that she was pregnant. She’s keeping the baby, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a known father. We’re trying to work it out by how old it is. Her mum couldn’t understand her decision at first.

“It’s hardly the baby’s fault, is it?” Elle pointed out.

I often stay over at her house because she gets nightmares, and her parents are exhausted from getting up in the night to comfort her, so we take it in turns.

          Her sister, Isabella, has little patience with her; partly because she has no full idea of what Elle went through. They haven’t told her much. Only I know it all, although her mum suspects much, and I think it should stay that way. Elle can tell others, if she wants, but I won’t pass it on. I came too close to losing her to risk our friendship in that way.

          Those boys - her traffickers - tried to get at her again, but the police were alerted. I don’t think they’ll be troubling us again: their trial is next month. I hope for Elle’s sake that they get what they damn well deserve!

          Trafficking lost Elle everything: her dignity, her relationship with her family, her virginity and even, in part, her sanity. It has to be stopped. People don’t really understand that it happens here, in the UK, but it does.

          I saw it. I was there.

The End

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