21st August

I would have written earlier but I’ve been tied up in investigations and interviews etc. The police have looked into Elle’s case very carefully. Of course, I had to tell my parents the whole story of our meeting, and they weren’t best pleased.

          “Katherine!” Mum almost shouted.

          “Kate,” I muttered. She always calls me Katherine when she’s cross. As per usual, she ignored me and carried on.

          “How dare you go there without us? What were you thinking? Have you any idea what might have happened to you?”

          “Yes,” I said, picking up on words in the annoying way that I always did. “What might have happened. The point is that nothing did happen.” She looked at me like she was about to slap me, but didn’t. I guess she was, like me, shocked about Eleanor. She’s sorry for not believing me, even though she knows that not even I saw it turning out like this.

          Eventually the police got enough evidence. Apparently, they’ve been working very quickly, but it doesn’t seem like it. Later this week they’re going to raid the house where Elle is - they know that they might even find other girls taken from home in the same way. Meanwhile, a couple of charities have approached me and asked if I would share my story at a conference next month, but I don’t feel that it is my decision to make: it’s Elle’s. It’s not my story. I didn’t go through her pain.

The End

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