4th July

She’s been missing 51 times altogether, since February. I can’t really believe that it is the same Eleanor I grew up with, I really can’t. She disappeared again last night, and hasn’t come back yet. If she’s not back by tomorrow evening, it’ll be when we get worried. Well, I’m already worried. But you know what I mean.

          I got a phone call home a couple of weeks ago. The school are concerned about my grades.

          “They seem to have gone downhill recently.” Who cares? I’m more worried about Eleanor! Does the school even know what’s going on? They must have been told something: Elle can’t just have stopped coming without an investigation. They’re being downright insensitive to me, though! I hear Mum saying something along those lines on the phone.

          “She’s rather upset about her friend Eleanor at the moment … (listens) … I’m afraid it may have affected her work … (listens) … yes, of course …” I’m more than just upset! No one seems to understand. She’s my best friend. She’s being treated abysmally. She’s turned me away: now we’re both alone. I feel so awful because I can’t help her.

The End

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